F. A. Miller

F. A. Miller

Dear Sister and Brother

I have neglected writing to lon ger.  than I expected.  but you have gron so carless about writing to me which makes me more negligent a bout writing to you.  time and circumstances semes to change pearsons greatly.  well I will quit telling you of your faults and in form you of what a fine daughter I have got she is now fore months old an a smarter to her age I dont think I ever saw  she is bessed with all of the good qualities.  her goodness I take the [___] of that to myself.  I will tell you how I treat her to make her good no mater if she cried I never took her up untill I got my breakfast and cleand up my house  then I take her up pull of her nightgownd and bathe her in a tub of fresh water from the well  this done Is dry her and put on her close as quick as posible then nuss her and put her down  I all ways heve a particular time to take her up and she is very little trouble to me   I have no one to nus her at all nor want no one she has never had a days sickness sense I adopted this rule.  I commens teaching school last mondy   people are verry indiferent a bout educating their childrain a bout  hear one man gives me twenty five dolars to teach his fore childrain one quarter an other fifteen that is forty dolars per quarter little beter than doing nothing  Well I commensed this leter four weeks a goy I think I will finised it now, crops are generly good I believe I want you to move down hear or to Florida whear we will goy as soon as we can sell out.  the baby has had the chicke Pok very bad but is geting beter of it now  She has a very bad pile coming on her knee   my leg has broke out again, if James Scarborough dont pay me the ful principle of my money I Shal sue him and he must pay it this year for him to kepe me out of my rights and I have to work hard and he have some one to work for him   I ant goyen to stand much longer.  If you now eny thing of Tourner doo write it to me I haven heard.  from him in a coon's age, write soon

I remain your friend and sistr

F. A. Miller,

June the twenty nint 1856

Dircet yours to Pennings's post ofices

Hamilton conty Florida