Eli Warrenn

Perry GA Nov. 18. 1856

My dear sir

Your of a late date on the subject of your claim [plased] in my hand for collection against Sedon G. Bryant has became [riscind]  it has [an] long since became collected and paid [own] to Harman Knight who persuant to  [an] the reciept given for the notes and upon which the mony was [certainly] paid to him-  the cost of it-  $87:93 was paid to him 10th April last-  When I paid him all except for that [not] collected on the smallest note-  I was suprized [therfore] to recieve the leter to which this is an answer-  Before 10th April last-  I had paid the amount collected on the large note [an] given him a satisfactory equivalent for it-  I forget now which-  but it [---] [---] has and Bryant assigned the large note [---] [way]-  and now my partner [---] took up our right-  of this tho' I am not certain-  but I am certain the whole matter has been setted with Mr. Knight who had [our] [receipt] which [we] took up and [have]-

[---] [---] [---] [---] [---] 

Eli Warrenn


[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]