A V Turner

A V Turner

May 4th 1862

Odom Creek at Home

Hardy F. Scarborugh Esqr

Dear Hardy

I arrived home on Sundey after leaving you hous & found all well and we have continued so ever since  their is no news in theis contury save a little excitiment about war  the conscript act I has put the boy mightly in the spirit of volunteering  Every mon between the age of 18 & 35 is in the field with but few exceptions  their is 3 regdgement in Auburn at this tim [--] at Lauchapagee  I was at Auburn yesterdy and had pleasure of seeing 1000 thousand prisoners pass thorugh   prisoners taken at Corinth  they were as jolly a set of felows as you ever saw in your life  they say they are fiting to restore the union & the constitio[n]  poor devils I dont think thy can evrr accomplish all that  not in our generation  Hardy times is awful hard here   meat is selling a 30 & 40 cts per pound and sccarse at that  I sold my cotton yesterdy at six cents per lb  dam the stuff it is a poor king  i dont see how I am to make out   I dont know whether a person can perish to death on dry brede or not  we are a [ntien] of making the trial what hapend  Adison he promised to be at my hous in three weaks after.  I let thirs some of them must be sick  we have had more rains this Spring than ever I saw before and the bigest ones  wheat crop is all mos a falure in the century  it has at all got the rust outs here  it two their certinly is a fam[ine] coming on the land   war and famine on us at the same time wont suit me  I have 30 Acres in corn and 7 Acres in cotton and potatoes  sugar is worth 50 cts  molases 125ct  the yankes here [---] what will be our [worth] aftr and till mondey that  Mr Gaysons oldest boy Billy died the 3rd of this [---]  write me as soon as you get this  Louisa  Monk and the bulunce of the children join me in sending you all our love  Lou say you must bring Amanda & Malvina up this summer  no more at present

but remain [---] evr

[A] [V] Turner


[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]