H F Scarborough

H F Scarborough

Camp Asby    Apr 9 1863

My Dear Wife

I received yours of the 30 nth last Sudnay   I was very sorry to learn that you had accident by sprining your shoulder though I am glad to hear by the receipt of your letter of the 5th inst which came to land to day that it is almost well    the calculation is correct with regards to the cotton­_  Had I have wrote to you before it was sold I should have dirictid you to have kept it but is probably the best­_  I am glad that John hired you a woman   I hope he can spare her out of the farm to do your washing and scouring_  I hope he has planted the old field by the house in cotton so that you will have a place for your geese   as you are not in need of money I will not send you any now_  I may have a use for some soon  I have not heard from the cards I sent for yet   as soon as I do I will let you know_  as soon as I get the chance to go to town I will get some needles if I can & send you_  You inquired about which I owed_  I owe no debts except 75 dollars to Whit Clark and my blacksmith’s bill to Swanson for 1861   I owe him nothing for last year_  Pay Swanson for it is a matter that I had forgot,  but the note in Clayton I do not wish you to pay until after the war_  Have the interest payed if they require it but no more,   I want to save that much if I should loose the Stewart debt by a general defundiate.  I want you to save all the money you can to pay for the building of a house next summer or fall should this war continue   I cannot say to you this time that I am well I am slowly recovering from a severe attack of diarrhea_  We received orders last Sunday night at 8oclock to be in Savannah ready to take the train to Charles ton by 1 oclock_  I was not well when we started but would not complain for fear of censure   I had a severe chill followed by sick stomach  vomiting an head ache and just before the train was ready to start my bowels comenced runing off and I was compelled to report to the Capt who sent me back to camp_  You need not be uneasy I have been tolerably well cared for    I feel a good deal better this evening than I have since Sunday moring  I think I will be well in 3 or 4 days_  Franklin has just recovered from an attack of the same kind_  He is here in camp_  Teil Ms. Elaine that Henry is well  He was left here as a camp guard with some others & we have not heard any thing from the company since left as I remarked was with them near up to time of starting and I never saw amore jovial set in my life  They were as gay they possibly could have been had they been going to some place of amusement where no laugh was pending.   [solem] the [order] cause them to run wild with excitement and while at Savanah the shouts and screams of soldiers and lumbering of numerous artillry carriages over plank roads and the trembling of _______ and the bustle of 3 or 4 thousand _____ _____ ­_  mixed with the shrill whistleings of the various _____ _____ created quite a lively scene  Such a one as I never saw before   All I can say about the fight atCharles ton is the attack was made by 9 Ironclads­_  One of them is reported sank_  I will write again in a few days_


[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]