H. F. S

H. F. S

1863 May 3

Camp Asby , Sunday Evening

My Dear Wife

I received your letter of the 27th Apl. Yesterday which was great source of consolation to me   I am sorry to think that you  suppose you could wear me by your too often writing_  It is instead a feast to the soldiers to hear from loved ones at home_  I would be glad to hear from you every day_  I am glad to state that I am well   Again the company got back to this place_  the same day that I wrote to you last_  they complained of a great deal of hard time while they were at Charles ton_  they got very little to eat and had nothing to cook that in which they did get_  they had to eat their bread without softening   everything seems to be quiet hear now  there is not even the sound of a yankee gun to be heard_  the weather is very fine and cheerful although somewhat dry.  We have had very little rain here since I have been to camps the weather remains cool up to this time_  there has been very few warm days.  The latter part of the night an the morning is quite cool   there is a breeze stiring the most of the time which makes it very plesent_   whenever the wind is not stiring the sand flies is very annoying_   some nights we can hardly sleep for them_  you stated that you had me some pants made and some cloth to make shirts and jackets_  I do not need any clothes now save the pant_  If you have any chance send me the pants if they are cotton_  Two pair cotton socks and I would be glad to have a pair of gallowses   I lost one of the gallowses that I brought with me.  Be sure to dye every thing you send me   any color is better for camp than white _  I think the shirts I have will do me until the latter part of the summer  and I do not need any jackets for summer   If you make any shirts to send me make them with pockets in the breast the same as you made the jackets and they had better be colored   you had better keep the cloth you have to make jackets   if you send any clothing be sure not send any except the pants and socks and gallowses for it is a poor place to take care of clothing in camp_  a man should not have more than two suits at a time_  I do not need any coat_  Malvina you advise me to pray to the Almighty to protect me from danger_  that is my daily prayer and I believe he will do it and I hardly ever suffer my eyes to close at night without remembering you and the children_  but while I am praying for you_  You must pray for yourself and I know you will not forget me   I am glad that you are sending George to school   tell him he must make haste and learn to write and read_  I will send him a nice little book to read__  and some paper to write on.   Tell Charley he must study his book at home until he gets a chance to go to school__   He schall have some nice books too whenever he gets so he can read__  tell him and the baby that I am comming home some time__  and I will buy and bring some thing pretty for them__  You stated that John White had offered too dollars for the sters   William wrote to me some time ago about them__  and I wrote to him that they could be bought for that price__  but I do not know what property of any kind is worth there__  and if you think they are are worth more you did right not to take it_   if the war continues they will bring a high price next fall__  Beef is now worth 60cts per pound in Savanah and corn meal is worth four dollars per bin.   I asked you in a former letter how much salt you hold on hand__  you did not tell me__  I wish to know so that I can look out for some in time__  You must write soon   Your affectionate Husband until death

H F Scarborough


[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]