H F Scarborough

H F Scarborough

Camp Ashby   July 24 ‘63

Dear Wife

I received you letter of 18th yesterday__  I also reed the one of the 14th  4 or 5 days ago_  I was (as I always am) truly glad to hear from you__  in your letter of the 14th, was a few lines from Polly [Anna]  and a few lines from Amanda__  I am glad to see that they think enough of me to write to me__  tell them that I rejoice to hear that they remember me in their prayers__  I trust their prayers will be heard__  and as I have expressed to you in former letter__  that I have no doubt_ but that the Lord will remember me__ at last my faith is such as to believe that he will__  Amanda scolds me some fer not writing to her__ I think I write about as much to her as she does to me__  it is true I do not direct any letter to any person but yourself except on business, though when I write I intend it for all the family conection who may inquire after me__  tell Polly Anna I will write about Franklin whenever I write and think of it__  and if I neglect to say any thing about him__ that she may know_ the he is well__  he is very well now  I am not entirely well yet thought a good deal better__  we have received no orders to go to Charles ton yet__  and if the enemy makes no further movements__ it is likely we will not__  ther has been no fighting there since Saturdy__  should any thing more than common happen I will write to you immediately__  You asked to know if I heard from Bro Daniel since the fall of Vicksburg__  I have not heard a word from him since nor for some time before__  you say that you want me to send Amanda a pair of cards if I can get them for thirteen dollars.  I wish that I could get them for that but I cannot__ they are worth thirty dollars in Sav  the way I happened to get mine is this__  Turner Johnson got hold of some dog skins and some goat skins and sent to the card factory and got three pr and let have one__  they cost me six dollars at the factory__  they cannot be bought for money__  they only change them for skins__  dogs skins are preferable though goat or sheep skins will do  they pay for the hides according to size  they pay about 20cts for a piece 4 by ten inches and sell the cards at six dollars a pr   the full value of the cards has to be paid in skins__  if Amanda can buy four large hides and send to me I will try to get her a pr of cards__  send more if she can get them__  but no less than four will not do__  I sent today and got the needles for you to day which you will find enclosed__  the man I sent by forgot the pens I will send them as quick as I can get them__  I hope this will find you and the children all well    Your affectionate Husband

H F Scarborough


[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]