H F Scarborough

Camp Ashby   Nov 18 1863

Dear Wife

It has been some time since I have heard from you !  I have been expecting a letter for three or four days but have not received any !  I hope these few lines may find you all well !  I have been sick for three or four days with Diarrhea !  but I am a good deal better to day !  I think I shall be well again in a short time   Franklin and Hen=ry White is well !  I have some good news to write !  contrary to the expectations of every body fur=loughs has started again !   there is ten going on furlough at a time  which will carry them round pretty fast=  may time will come soon after Christmas   I have received no letter from Fredrick yet   it seems that he does not intend writing to me   I wrote to John some time ago that I thought he had better hire a good strong hand for you for next year and you had probably better keep the woman you have if you can and can feed them !  She can do your heavy house business and work in the field some in crop time and have all the balance of the time spin !   which is a considerable item these times !  you must write soon !   I send this by Frank Fortner who is going home in the morning !  If John White has had a pr of shoes made for me you can send them to me by Fortner   So nothing more but remaining  Your Affectionate Husband

H F Scarborough