H F Scarborough

H F Scarborough

Camp Ashby

March 23 186[4]

Dear Wife

I have received two letters from  you since I have written to you__  one dated 27 Feb and the other dated 17th March  which I received day before yesterday evening__  I was very glad to hear that you and the children was all well__  I should have wrote to you before now++  But have not had the chance__  I have been at work on a detail__  clearing a place fore a garden fer the last two weeks__  I wrote in my last that I would send you some pens when I wrote again__ but I have not been able to buy them__  I have no small change and I cannot buy any thing in Savanah unless [I] have the right change__  you must therefore make out the best you can until I can get them__  Capt Brooks has gone to town to day and has carried all the large bills for the men that wants change to try to get them off__  I sent $20 by him__  You stated that you had sent your money to Eufaula to get Bonds__ you done right about it;  though I fear the land will not be worth much to you    I am sorry to hear that you could not buy any corn__  and sorry also that your prospect is so few per a [---] but perhaps it is all for the best__  If you have not had the cotton gined you had better get it gined if you can__  If not have it put in some place where it will keep dry and let it stay until you need the money it will bring__  write to me whether John will have to go to the war or not__  and whether Dr Farrier has gone or not__  we got the apples Amanda sent Franklin__  I am glad you are going to send me some meat__  If you had it to spare__  It was best to send it by Eufaula__  and [if] you have not sent it before you get [this] [you] better have it expressed__  Lt Girly and my  [self] has had a friendly conversation about the [tales] that were told him but I have not had time to tell you now what he said__  I have [at] his request wrote to Susan__  and I wrote to Addisa also__  until we what they have to say about it__  it is needless for me to say that I want to see you and the children__  I hope the Lord will spare us to meet again__   Your affectionate Husband 

H F Scarborough




[Transcribed by Stacy Bryant, June 2005]

[Edited by Tina Bernath, June 2006]