December 2019 | Troy University

December 2019

Minutes - Board of Trustees’ Meeting

December 12, 2019, 1:30 p.m.
Adams Administration Building, Troy University Campus
Troy, Alabama

The Troy University Board of Trustees convened at 1:30 PM on December 13, 2019 on the Troy University campus Troy Alabama.

I. Call to Order 

Board President Pro Tempore Gibson Vance called the meeting to order.  Trustee Vance welcomed everyone to the meeting.  

Mr. Vance called upon Trustee Lamar Higgins to open the meeting with prayer.  Following prayer, Mr. Vance asked for a roll call.

II. Roll Call

At the request of Mr. Vance, the following members, comprising a quorum, answered present:

Mr. Gibson Vance, Mrs. Karen Carter (via telephone), General Ed Crowell, Senator Gerald Dial, Dr. Roy Drinkard, Mr. John Harrison, Mr. Lamar P. Higgins, Dr. Earl Johnson, Mr. Forrest Latta, Mr. Allen Owen, and Mr. Morgan Long, SGA President (non-voting member).   Absent: Governor Kay Ivey and Mr. Charles Nailen.

Mr. Vance welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed his appreciation to the Trustees coming in the day before Commencement for the Board meeting.            

III. Approval of Minutes

A draft copy of the minutes of the August 1, 2019, meeting was provided to the Board members prior to the meeting. Mr. Vance called for a motion to approve the minutes.


IV.  Reports

A. Chancellor

The following is an outline of the Chancellor’s report. 

Agenda Items
  • Resolution awarding Sen. Dial honorary doctorate
  • Faculty Utilization—personnel management key to financial stability
    • 2009 enrollment 30,564 # Fulltime faculty 516/ # Adjuncts 1,725
    • 2019 enrollment 17,000 # Fulltime faculty 484/# Adjuncts 583
  • Student Retention Report--retention critical—each student retained one less to recruit
  • Financial Deep-Dive—finance—Great stewardship part of our DNA
  • Enrollment—number one priority—centerpiece of 5-year strategic plan
  • Promoting vaccination for new strain meningitis
  • Strategic Planning Update
  • Development—extramural funding takes us from good to great
  • Athletics report
  • Resolution—purchase of property
  • Resolution—Renaming Trojan Village 400
Higher Education Today
  • Higher education is at war
  • Update given on recent meeting of seven universities
  • Unprecedented challenges/sense of desperation/anxiety
  • Competition: 300 out-of-state institutions operating in Alabama
  • US higher education enrollment declined seven consecutive years/10 percent decline in international enrollment past 2 years
  • Projected 10 % decline in Alabama high school graduates over next decade
  • Closures/consolidations/mergers continue
  • Declining confidence 2010-81% 2018-48%
Past is Prologue—Big Ideas
  • 1990—NCAA D-I move
  • 1995—Distance Learning Center opens
  • 2001—First 1+2+1 students from China
  • 2002--Vietnam
  • 2005—One Great University
  • 2007—First doctoral program approved
  • 2018—Research Emphasis: NIST Grant
  • What is next “Big Idea” for Troy University?
Many Reasons for Optimism
  • Master’s in HRM named #1 in nation
  • Master’s in CJ ranked 30th
  • Master’s in Management   20th in nation
  • Online MBA 24th nationally—6th in Southeast
  • #27 on US News list of top public schools in the South
  • NIST—National Institute of Standards and Tech--$2.7m grant (+$3.2m received last year)
  • Bottom line--Quality will sustain us! 
Fitness Center Dedication February 26, 2020/Open for business January 8
Dates to Remember:
  • December 15—Dothan Campus Commencement
  • December 16—Montgomery Campus Commencement
    • Jeff Coleman, speaker at both Dec 15 & 16 ceremonies
  • January 24—Phenix City Campus Commencement
    • Marc Olivie’, CEO of W.C. Bradley Co., speaker
  • February 26—Dedication of Student Fitness Center
  • April 4—Sports Hall of Fame Induction and T-Day
  • May 8—Troy Campus Commencement

In conclusion, Chancellor Hawkins congratulated Trustee Higgins on being recognized Troy University’s Distinguished Alumnus of the Year. 

Following the Chancellor’s report, Gen. Crowell made brief comments stating that at the request of Mr. Vance he recently attended the Alabama Commission on Higher Education’s (ACHE) meeting where the Chancellor was the recipient of ACHE’s Distinguished Service Award.  Gen. Crowell and Board members commended the Chancellor on this honor.  

B. Board Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee, Honorable Karen Carter
Resolution #1—Honoring Gerald O. Dial with the Honorary Doctor of Laws

Mrs. Carter opened the Academic Affairs Report by providing details about the last meeting of the committee.  She added that it is her pleasure to introduce Resolution No. 1 on behalf of the committee.  Resolution No. 1 recommends the awarding of an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree to Trustee Gerald O. Dial.


Resolution No. 1

Awarding the Honorary Doctor of Laws to Senator Gerald O. Dial

WHEREAS, Gerald O. Dial, a native of Delta, Alabama, has enjoyed a long and distinguished career of service to the State of Alabama and to our nation; and

WHEREAS, Gerald Dial holds the distinction of having been one of the longest-serving members of the Alabama Legislature, serving in the Alabama House of Representatives from 1974 through 1982 and the Alabama Senate from 1983 until 2006 and again from 2010 until he left office in 2018; and

WHEREAS, Senator Dial served in the Alabama National Guard for 37 years, retiring at the rank of Brigadier General; and 

WHEREAS, Senator Dial was appointed to the Troy University Board of Trustees in 1991 and has been an outstanding supporter of Alabama higher education, receiving the Alabama Higher Education Partnership’s Alumni Advocates Leadership Award in 2017; and

WHEREAS, Senator Dial’s service to the TROY trustees included two terms as President Pro Tempore from 2011 until 2019; and

WHEREAS, Senator Dial’s record of outstanding public service to the State of Alabama and Troy University has been marked by integrity, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Senator Gerald Dial be awarded the Honorary Doctor of Laws degree as a tribute to his devotion to his home state and nation, his leadership to the Troy University Board of Trustees, and for setting a standard of public service excellence for all Alabamians to emulate;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this degree be awarded on the occasion of Fall Commencement Ceremonies on the Troy Campus on December 13, 2019. 

Senator Dial made a few brief comments and expressed how much he appreciated this honor.  He added that it has been his pleasure to be associated with this Board and University over the past 20 years and looks forward to continued service.  A framed resolution was presented to Senator Dial.

Faculty Utilization/Student Retention Report—Dr. Lance Tatum

Mrs. Carter called upon Dr. Tatum to give a report on faculty utilization and student retention efforts.

Dr. Tatum expressed appreciation to Mrs. Carter for her work with the Academic Affairs Committee, adding his thanks to all committee members and others for their involvement.  

Dr. Tatum’s report covered two topics:  Faculty Utilization and Student Retention.  Before beginning his report, Dr. Tatum provided some historical background regarding impact on faculty from the time TROY merged into One Great University in 2005 to the present.  He stated that in January 2019 a Faculty Utilization Study was initiated.  From this study recommendations were developed to establish and maintain, through policy and practice, an appropriate number of faculty.  Below is an outline of Dr. Tatum’s presentation.

Faculty Utilization
Policy Recommendations—

  1. Workload Policy—Equity re faculty responsibilities across colleges (in development stage)
  2. Management of non-tenure track faculty (in development stage)
  3. Post-tenure review (ensure that tenure is working for professor and university) (in development stage)
  4. Distal faculty policy (review stage)
  5. Data governance (completed)

Dr. Tatum added that the University is working hard to find a balance in faculty utilization.  It was noted that every position that comes up for request is being scrutinized with a goal to find a perfect balance of faculty/enrollment.

Student Retention Efforts
  1. Graduation Rate:  National Center for Educational Statistics report reflects that following the 2011 groups for four-year public institutions with a 90% acceptance rate reflects a 46.2% overall graduation rate for first-time, full-time undergraduate students
    1. 2017 Graduation Rate – 43% six-year graduate rate
    2. 2018 Graduation Rate –48% six-year graduate rate
  2. TROY graduation rate 48% compared to U.S. average 46.2% for our peer group
  3. Retention Rate:  TROY’s first to second-year retention rate for full-time first-time degree-seeking undergraduates for 2017 was 72.9% compared to the 2018 cohort retention rate is 75.2% with greater than 90% acceptance rate (+2.3% for TROY over last year)
  4. Summary shared of measures put into place to address retention efforts

Following his presentation, Dr. Tatum responded to comments and questions from Board members.  In response to Senator Dial’s question about tracking students who drop out after first or second year of study, Dr. Tatum responded by stating that any students who do not return are put on a list and staff will follow up on every student to try to determine the reason they did not return.  He added that if the reason is something that the University can address, such as financial aid, etc., then the appropriate department will begin to follow up with the students to help address their concerns.

With no further questions from the Board, Mrs. Carter closed out the Academic Affairs reporting portion of the meeting. 

Finance Committee, Honorable John Harrison

Mr. Harrison reported that the Board Finance Committee met on November 19 with a quorum.  He added that it was a very good meeting and called upon Dr. Bookout to present a financial report.

Financial Report—Dr. Jim Bookout

In his financial report (copy provided in Board packets), Dr. Bookout’s presentation covered the following topics:

  • 2019 Financial Report
  • 2019 Financial Deep Dive
  • Funds Held for Investment
  • Facilities Update

2019 Financial Report

Highlights in the report included:

  • Tuition—noted that the set tuition gross goal was not met with many reasons affecting that number such as Credit Hour Production, etc.  However, Dr. Bookout noted that the important number was Net Tuition which shows that we are up.  He provided an explanation of the factors in arriving at the numbers presented. 
  • Budget—overall finished year in the positive with stable outlook confirmed by our ratings with Moody’s and Standard and Poors.
  • Supplemental appropriation of $4.7m received.
  • On good track for going into the new budget year.

2019 Financial Deep Dive

  • Provided an overview of Primary Reserve Ratio, Return on New Position Radio, Net Operating Revenue Radio, Viability Ratio, and Composite Financial Index in comparison with peer institutions. 
  • Financial Ratio Summary provided reflected that TROY compared very well with other institutions with a Composite Financial Index of 2.96.

Funds Held for Investment

  • Current allocation FY 2019 at $25m.

Facilities Update

  • Projects in the planning stages:
      1. The Center for Materials and Manufacturing Sciences (demolish the Natatorium and design and build the Center)
      2. Renovation of Trojan Center (building renovation and construction of new ballroom and conference rooms.  Waiting on Alabama Commission on Higher Education’s response to grant request)
      3. Wright Hall Renovations (convert administrative space to academic space)
      4. Road and Parking Lot Paving (status project bidding)
  • Projects in Progress:
      1. Trojan Fitness Center (95% complete)
      2. IDEA Bank (Downtown Troy—former Regions Bank Building—35% complete)

Mr. Higgins commented that he would like to see the Trojan Center project as a priority for several reasons to include that it is a good source for conferences held on campus.  

Throughout his presentation, Dr. Bookout responded to comments and questions from Board.  

In conclusion, Mr. Harrison addressed equity funding stating that TROY is at the bottom.  He added that it is his understanding there has been discussion about a 5% equity increase across the board and he inquired about the status.  The Chancellor responded that it is his understanding that the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) budget recommendation would include almost $2m more equity funds for TROY, but it will depend on how ACHE’s recommendation is embraced by the Governor’s Office.  

Before moving forward with the agenda, Mr. Vance called on the Chancellor to make some comments about facilities.  The Chancellor elaborated on Dr. Bookout’s report and addressed the disposition of buildings on the Phenix City Campus.  With the construction of the new building for the Phenix City Campus several years back, the University continues to move forward with bringing closure to the sale of Higginbotham Hall at the previous campus location and negotiations are underway with the Post-Secondary Office regarding the disposition of Adams Hall and the Bookstore. At the Chancellor’s request, Dr. Bookout provided a status update regarding Valant Cross Academy initiative and added that Mr. Ray White, Vice Chancellor for the Montgomery Campus, is working with Valant Cross on the negotiations.  Discussion followed.

Student Services Committee, Honorable Ed Crowell

General Crowell thanked the members of the Student Services Committee for their service.  Before moving into the committee’s agenda items, Gen. Crowell asked Dr. John Schmidt to brief the trustees on the fraternity hazing issue last fall.  Dr. Schmidt reported that the two fraternities involved have been on suspension since that time.  It was noted that the University brought in an outside consultant to review our entire fraternity system.  Dr. Schmidt shared some of the recommendations made by the consultant and stated that those recommendations are being reviewed and discussed with leadership of fraternities.  Discussion followed.

Enrollment Report—Mr. Buddy Starling

At the request of Gen. Crowell, Mr. Starling provided an enrollment report.  The following is an outline of highlights from Mr. Starling’s report.

  • Recruiting strategic emphasis
      1. 14 counties surrounding Pike County
      2. Greater Birmingham
      3. Mobile/Baldwin
      4. Florida Panhandle
      5. North Atlanta—20-mile radius of Alpharetta Support Center
  • Development of Adult Admissions Policy—to provide ease of access for non-traditional student
  • Dual enrollment—AISA and home school

Mr. Starling added that when it comes to college choice, price and academic quality are still the top two factors.

  • Bottom line strategies
      1. Increase freshman enrollment on the Troy Campus
      2. Sustain growth in transfer new starts—all locations
      3. Grow military enrollments

Actions Recommended/Required

  • Projections favorable for growth in the adult student market
  • Cross departmental audit of all policies and procedures affecting/limiting the student experience

In conclusion, Mr. Starling provided a breakdown on enrollment numbers for new starts, transfers, and internationals.  Overall, early indicators for the Troy Campus look promising.

Mr. Starling and Dr. Schmidt responded to comments and questions from Board members.

In closing, General Crowell commended Mr. Starling on his report adding that he feels this report should provide the Board with a level of confidence that we have our eyes on the target.  He added that he is pleased with where the University is at this time and where we are headed.

Resolution #2—Promoting Vaccination for Meningitis

General Crowell introduced Resolution No. 2 for the Board’s consideration.  Resolution No. 2 promotes by making a strong recommendation that students take the vaccination, which is for a new strain of Meningitis, for admission to Troy University.  Discussion followed and Mr. Higgins added that there will need to be an advertising campaign to inform prospective students.

Resolution No. 2


Resolution No. 2

Promoting Vaccination for Meningitis for Admission to Troy University

WHEREAS, Higher Education at Troy University provides great education opportunities for our young adults who are most susceptible to meningitis; and

WHEREAS, young adults ages 16-23 are often considered high risk to contract meningitis; and

WHEREAS, nearly 100 percent of the cases of meningitis reported in the US over the past 24 months has been the meningococcal Serogroup B; and

WHEREAS, over 90% of young adults ages 16-23 are not vaccinated against meningococcal Serogroup B;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, in an effort to protect our students, faculty and community, we are encouraging all current students to obtain their meningococcal vaccinations to include Serogroup ACWY as well as Serogroup B.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, as part of standard admissions policy, we will encourage all prospective Troy University students to obtain their meningococcal vaccinations to include Serogroup ACWY as well as Serogroup B.

Following adoption of Resolution No. 2, General Crowell called upon Morgan Long, Student Government Association President, to make some brief comments on behalf of the student body.  Mr. Long outlined several projects initiated by the Student Government Association (SGA) during the semester.  Also, he briefly shared initiatives that the SGA will be working on next semester.  In closing, Mr. Long expressed his appreciation to the Board for its support of the student body.

Following the SGA report by Mr. Long, General Crowell advised that this concluded the Academic Affairs Committee report.  Mr. Vance thanked General Crowell and then called upon Mr. Latta for an Institutional Advancement Committee report.

Institutional Advancement Committee, Honorable Forrest Latta

Mr. Latta expressed his appreciation to the committee members for their work.  As the University faces challenges ahead, Mr. Latta stated that the committee was charged to look at all avenues of institutional advancement such as governmental participation, grants, appropriations, private donations, etc..  Mr. Latta added that the committee has no action items on the agenda. However, two reports will be provided.  He then called upon Dr. Schmidt to give an update on strategic planning.

Strategic Planning Report—Dr. John Schmidt

Below is a brief outline of Dr. Schmidt’s report:

  • Strategic Objectives 2020-2025 
      1. Increase Enrollments
      2. Build Academic Reputation
      3. Academic Outcomes—graduates career ready and/or ready for graduate studies
      4. Increase Scholarship and Financial Support

Dr. Schmidt asked that anyone with input on the Strategic Plan to contact him.  He noted that a First Draft of the Strategic Plan Report will be submitted to the Board in May for review with a July date to begin finalizing the plan.

In conclusion, Mr. Latta noted that it is his understanding that for the next Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) visit the Board may be asked to participate in the process.  He asked the Board members to keep this in mind as we move forward.

Development Report—Mr. Walter Givhan

Mr. Latta called upon Mr. Givhan to give the Development Report.  As he began his report, Mr. Givhan shared background on the development mission.  He added that the University strives to be good stewards of resources.  With a decrease in state funding over the years, Mr. Givhan added that private support will continue to be important to future growth and expansion of the University.

Mr. Givhan continued by advising that total funds raised in 2018 was $8.3m and 2019 totals $8.4m as of 30 November.

Mr. Givhan further outlined the following Capital Campaign steps:

  1. Determine needs and goals
  2. Involve the boards and build the team
  3. Conduct a feasibility study
  4. Write case for support
  5. Develop gift range chart
  6. Develop budget
  7. Develop communication plan

Following Mr. Givhan’s report, Mr. Higgins talked about the number of TROY graduates holding leadership positions in the school systems across the state and suggested that contact be made with those individuals.  He further suggested exploring the possibility of a “bus tour” across the state.  Mr. Higgins referenced the bus tour held years ago and stated that he felt it was one of the most energizing and effective activities done by the University. Discussion followed and Mr. Vance asked Mr. Givhan to provide the Board members with a list of legislative and other state officials who hold TROY degrees for future reference to establish contact.

Mr. Latta thanked Mr. Givhan for the Development Report.  

Athletic Policy Committee, Honorable Allen Owen

Mr. Owen called on Mr. Jones, Athletics Director, to provide a report on behalf of the Athletic Policy Committee.  Below is an outline of Mr. Jones report.

Athletics Report--Mr. Brent Jones

Fall Sports Recap

  • Soccer
    • Overall record of 12-3-4 and 7-2-2 in the Sun Belt (including Tournament)
    • Finished with 23 points in the Sun Belt – second overall and highest in program history
    • The 7 Sun Belt wins were the most in program history and the 12 overall victories were the most since 2015
    • Outscored opponents 41-19 and rode an 8-match unbeaten streak into the Sun Belt Tournament
    • Four Trojans named All-Sun Belt including Kate Eubanks as a First Team selection, our first since 2015
  • Volleyball
    • Overall record of 22-9 and 10-6 in the Sun Belt. 14-2 at Home
    • Received Invitation to the Postseason for the first time in program history
    • Amara Anderson and Cheyenne Hayes named First Team All-Sun Belt – marked the first time since Troy joined the Sun Belt (2005) that a volleyball student-athlete was named First Team All-Conference
    • Anderson ranks in the Top 10 Nationally in Setting and was named Sun Belt Setter of the Week 5 times during the season
    • Lacey Jeffcoat named to the Sun Belt All-Tournament

Spring Sports Recap

  • Football
    • 5-7 record
    • 15 Players named to All-Sun Belt Teams
    • 4 players named to the First Team
    • Kaylon Geiger named Newcomer of the Year
    • Carlton Martial named Pro Football Focus All-American
  • Cross Country
    • Men’s and Women’s Teams placed 2nd Overall at the Azalea City Classic in Mobile
    • Women’s Team placed 7th at Sun Belt Championships while the Men’s Team placed 8th
    • Women’s Golf won two tournaments – the Town & Country Invitational in Nashville and the Chris Bannister Classic in Gadsden, Alabama
    • Nicole Lorup set a school record with a 7-under 65 as she won the individual title at the Palmetto Intercollegiate
  • Men’s Golf - Connor Futrell had a school record 7-under 64 to lead the Men’s team at the Sam Hall Intercollegiate in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • Men’s Tennis freshman Carles Anton won the UTC Invitational in his first ever collegiate tournament
  • Men’s Tennis junior Pelayo Antuna advanced to the ITA All-American Championship final by defeating several nationally ranked opponents
  • Women’s Basketball off to a 5-2 start – only two losses have come on the road against Mississippi State and Duke
  • Men’s Basketball off to a 3-6 start – very competitive in close games against UAB, Texas A&M and Chattanooga

APR Individual Programs

  • Baseball: 986
  • MBB: 960
  • Football: 961
  • Men’s XC: 981
  • Men’s Golf: 986
  • Men’s Tennis: 964
  • Men’s Track: 966
  • WBB: 979
  • Women’s XC: 994
  • Women’s Golf: 1000
  • Softball: 1000
  • Soccer: 970
  • Women’s Tennis: 975
  • Women’s Track: 985
  • Volleyball: 987

Program Highlights

  • Social Media and Digital Marketing efforts continue to show great growth and engagement- leader in conference / nationally
  • Produced a needs/ wants report for each sport and department
  • Received $10,000 grant from CFP for Extra Yard for Teachers
  • Locker room and hallways branding upgrades for Track and Field, Cross Country, and Volleyball
  • Launch a redesigned website in January

Ticket Sales and Attendance

  • Football
    • Total Season Tickets: 11,401 – up from 10,693 last season
    • Averaged 23,499 this season at The Vet- 2nd in conference
    • Averaged 3,688 students this season at The Vet
  • Volleyball Attendance
    • Set a program record with 2,346 for final home match against South Alabama
  • Basketball Ticket Sales
    • Total of 1,675 Season Tickets
    • Sold 888 Season Tickets – up from 390 last season

Sun Belt Conference

  • Currently 3rd in Group of 5 conferences for FBS
  • Sun Belt Baseball Tournament
    • Moves to Riverwalk Park in Montgomery (home of the Biscuits) beginning this season
    • First year of a Five-Year Deal
  • Sun Belt Basketball Tournament
    • Bids are currently being taken for possible new home for the Basketball Tournament
    • Montgomery and Pensacola are two current options

Vision/ Goals

  • Vision
    • In conjunction with the university leadership, chancellor and stakeholders to build a dynamic, aggressive, forward thinking, collaborative and sustainable future for Troy Athletics
  • Goals
    • To win the Bubas Cup
    • Compete for championships in every sport
    • Set all-time records in attendance, fundraising, ticket sales, ticket revenue, corporate sponsorships, and licensing
    • Maintain a high APR, GPA, and graduation rate
    • Ensure no major NCAA violations
    • Ensure no ineligible players

With no further comments or questions from the Board, Mr. Vance moved on to 

Executive Committee, Honorable Gibson Vance

In introducing Resolution No. 3, Mr. Vance advised that the Chancellor has the authority granted by the Board to purchase property.  However, the Chancellor did want the Executive Committee of the Board to hear the proposal for the purchase.  Mr. Vance stated that the Executive Committee met on October 16th and unanimously approved the property purchase and Resolution No. 3 is being brought to the full Board to approve it.  

Mr. Vance called on Dr. Bookout to provide some information on the property.

Dr. Bookout reported that the total acreage for purchase was 744 with an appraised value of $1,860,000 (sales price of $1,900,000).  Below is a breakdown of the specifics for the property:

North Side of Elm Street

Acres: 407
Troy Appraised Value: $927,000
Estimated Timber Value: $169,007
14.8 Acres (County 6) Value:  $44,400
Sellers Appraisal: ($1,220,000)

South Side of Elm Street

Acres: 337
Troy Appraised Value: $1,018,000
Estimated Timber Value: $238,013
Sellers Appraisal: ($1,215,000)

Resolution #3—Notification of Purchase of Property

Following Dr. Bookout’s presentation, Mr. Vance entertained a motion.  Below is the action taken.


Resolution No. 3

Notification of Purchase of Property

WHEREAS, The Chancellor and the Treasurer of Troy University have determined it would be advantageous to purchase property located in the City limits of Troy and in Pike County known colloquially as the “Sellers’ Property;” and

WHEREAS, this subject site consists of thirteen parcels: Parcels 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 12 located on the Southside of Elm Street Road, consisting of 337 acres and Parcels 1, 2 3, 6, 8 and 11 located on the Northside of Elm Street Road, consisting of 421.8 acres. Both Parcels are located approximately 2 miles from the Troy University campus; and

WHEREAS, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees on October 16, 2019 endorsed the Chancellor’s decision to purchase this property;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of Troy University on December 12, 2019, concurs with the Chancellor’s decision as affirmed by the Executive Committee for the University to purchase the Sellers’ property at a price of One Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,900,000) and to execute any and all documents required in connection with the purchase of the Property, including all closing agreements and escrow documents. 

Resolution #4—Honoring Retirees

Mr. Vance introduced Resolution No. 4 honoring retirees for 2019.  He called for a motion.


Resolution No. 4

Honoring Retirees

WHEREAS, the following Troy University faculty and staff members retired in 2019:

Catherine L. Allard, Reba Allen, Pamela Dowdy Arnold, Steven Scott Bailey, Wendy C. Bailey, James Kenneth Bedsole, Lisa Jean Boutwell, Robert A. Brown, Sara Jo Burks, David Andrew Creamer, Herschel D. Davidson, Patricia F. Davis, Thomas P. Dunn, Matthew A. Elbeck, Myra Griswold Ellis, Lawrence M. Fogelberg, Sharon J. Gantt, Susan A. Haug, Jerry R. Johnson, Noel Harold Kaylor, Holly A. Lowery, Ida Felton Martin, Dabney Hunter McKenzie, Jamie J. Miller, Tracy Leigh Newvine, Melissa C. Northam, Carolyn Poole, Carol Patricia Riley, Mary Wynn Roper, Emma Johnson Rudolph, Robert H. Sheppard, Kaye F. Sheridan, Stephen Earl Stewart, Beverly Jean Strachan, and Isabelle Leonard Warren. 

THERFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this Board express to these faculty and staff members sincere appreciation for loyal and conscientious service to the University and wish them health and happiness in their retirement.

Resolution #5—Naming Gerald O. Dial Hall

Moving on with the agenda, Mr. Vance called on Chancellor Hawkins to make comments regarding Resolution No. 5 naming Gerald O. Dial Hall. 

Chancellor Hawkins stated that it is his honor to present this resolution to the Board and he shared some highlights of Senator Dial’s service to TROY University and the Board of Trustees.   

Mr. Vance added that Resolution No. 5 below would be amended to reflect that Senator Dial also served as Vice President Pro Tem for fourteen years.

At this time, Mr. Vance called for a motion to adopt Resolution No. 5 as amended.


Resolution No. 5

Naming Gerald O. Dial Hall

WHEREAS, Senator Gerald O. Dial was appointed to the Troy University Board of Trustees in 1991; and

WHEREAS, Senator Dial served two terms as President Pro Tempore of the Troy University Board of Trustees from 2011-2019 and fourteen years as Vice President Pro Tem; and

WHEREAS, Sen. Dial was the fourth President Pro Tempore in University history, succeeding the Honorable McDowell Lee, the Honorable Wallace Malone, and the Honorable Douglas R. Hawkins; and

WHEREAS, Senator Dial’s tenure as President Pro Tempore was marked by achievements many and varied, to include:

  • The creation of two Ph.D. programs and more than 30 other undergraduate and graduate academic programs;
  • Ten major construction projects, including the new Student Fitness Center, Rushing Hall, and John M. Long Hall;
  • Completion of the University’s second capital campaign which raised $258 million;
  • Accreditation by AACSB-International, the foremost accrediting agency for colleges of business, and
  • The University’s three most successful seasons at the Football Bowl Subdivision level; and

WHEREAS, Senator Dial is one of Troy University’s strongest advocates for stewardship, student success and welfare, academic excellence, and athletics success;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the residence hall on the Troy Campus currently known as Trojan Village 400 be named Gerald O. Dial Hall to honor Senator Dial’s long and distinguished record of service to Alabama and Troy University.

V. New Business

Senator Dial asked to be recognized for comment.  Mr. Vance called on Senator Dial who suggested that the Board President and Vice President Pro Tem write a letter to the Governor thanking her for all she has done and encouraging her to support ACHE’s recommendation for the new budget for Troy University.  


In continuation, Mr. Vance called on the Chancellor to make some closing remarks.  

Chancellor Hawkins thanked everyone for their good work and presentations today.  He continued by summarizing the presentations.  Below is the summary:

Faculty Utilization

  • Faculty represents 65% of total budget
  • Find balance adjunct and full-time faculty moving forward
  • Eliminate distal faculty—increase workload
  • Increase number of adjunct faculty online
  • Reduce tenured faculty
  • Lecturers for flexibility
  • Workload equity
  • Find perfect balance between faculty and enrollment—Bold Goal


  • Finished year with stable outlook
  • Strength is in “Ability to Manage”

Student Services

  • Housing affordability
  • Fraternity suspension—Consultant brought in to review Greek System
  • Alcohol free policy


  • Top factors—Price and academic quality
  • Employment of graduates
  • Own our backyard--Grow the Troy Campus—but continue to invest other fertile fields
  • Scholarships/Merit awards
  • Bold Goal—return to growth – Troy 10,000 enrollments

Institutional Advancement

  • Strategic Plan:  Objectives—grow enrollment, enhance academic recognition, increase scholarships and financial support


  • Total raised for 2019 $8.4m
  • 2019 Annual Fund $946,000


  • Commended Brent Jones—right man at the right time
  • Promoting attendance at events
  • Increase ticket sales

In closing, the Chancellor and the Board recognized Mrs. Debbie Sanders upon her retirement from Troy University on December 31st.  He shared a video tribute.  Presentations were made to Mrs. Sanders from the Board and the Chancellor. Following the presentation, Mrs. Beth Steed was introduced as Mrs. Sanders replacement.  

Mr. Higgins moved that the Chancellor’s presentation be entered into the minutes with accolades from the Board recognizing Mrs. Sanders’ service to Troy University.  With a second from Mr. Harrison, the motion was approved by acclamation. 

VI. Adjournment

With no further business to come before the Board, Mr. Higgins made a motion to adjourn.  A second was made by Mr. Harrison and the meeting adjourned.

Jack Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D.
Chancellor, Troy University  
and Secretary, Board of Trustees  

C. Gibson Vance
President Pro Tempore
Troy University Board of Trustees