May 2020 Minutes | Troy University

May 2020 Minutes

Minutes - Board of Trustees’ Meeting

May 28, 2020, Noon
Hawkins Adams Long Hall of Honor, Troy University Campus
Troy, Alabama

The Troy University Board of Trustees convened at Noon on May 28, 2020 on the Troy University campus Troy, Alabama.

I. Call to Order 

Board President Pro Tempore Gibson Vance called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Mr. Vance recognized Ms. Nicole Jayjohn, SGA President.

Mr. Vance asked for a roll call.

II. Roll Call

At the request of Mr. Vance, the following members, comprising a quorum, answered present:

Mr. Gibson Vance, Mrs. Karen Carter, General Ed Crowell, Senator Gerald Dial, Dr. Roy Drinkard (by telephone), Mr. John Harrison, Mr. Lamar P. Higgins (by telephone), Dr. Earl Johnson, Mr. Forrest Latta, Mr. Charles Nailen (by telephone), Mr. Allen Owen (by telephone), and Ms. Nicole Jayjohn, SGA President (non-voting member).   Absent: Governor Kay Ivey

Mr. Vance called upon Trustee Forrest Latta to open the meeting with prayer. 

Trustee Drinkard announced his 100th Birthday Party will be held on Saturday, July 11th.            

III. Approval of Minutes

A draft copy of the minutes of the December 12, 2019, meeting was provided to the Board members prior to the meeting. Mr. Vance called for a motion to approve the minutes.


IV. Reports

A. President Pro Tempore

  • Thanked Dr. Hawkins, the administration, faculty and staff on behalf of the Board of Trustees to those who have gone above and beyond during difficult time period of the pandemic.
  • Trustee Vance presented Resolution #1- Approval of Modified Contract for Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr.  Mr. Vance stated the process to modify the Chancellor’s contract started a couple of months ago with three goals in mind:    1) full Board engagement; 2) complete transparency; 3) to do what is best for the University.   He stated he feels all three goals have been accomplished.  Mr. Vance thanked Mr. Ray White and each Board member for their contribution to the modification.   Mr. Vance thanked Mrs. Hawkins for her contributions and continuing to allow the Chancellor to lead the University.  He added that the Board feels the modified contract represents the continued and enthusiastic commitment of the Board to the Chancellor and of Chancellor Hawkins to this University.


Resolution No. 1

Approval of Modified Contract for Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr.

WHEREAS, Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr. has served with distinction as the Chancellor of Troy University since 1989; and

WHEREAS, the Troy University Board of Trustees appreciates the Chancellor’s commitment and has full confidence in Chancellor Hawkins’ continued vision and leadership; and

WHEREAS, the Troy University Board of Trustees supports Chancellor Hawkins and desires that he continue his service to the University for as long as he and the Board agree mutually it is in the best interest of The University; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees has reviewed and modified the Chancellor’s contract to simplify language and merge five addendums; and   

WHEREAS, this new contract will be revenue-neutral and will require the Chancellor to give the Board one (1) year’s notice before retirement;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, by this resolution of the Board of Trustees adopted on the 28th Day of May, 2020, that Troy University reaffirms its commitment to the continued leadership of Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr. as Chancellor and leader of Troy University now and into the future; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees thanks both Dr. and Mrs. Hawkins for their devotion to Troy University, approves the modified contract for Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr. and authorizes President Pro Tempore to sign the contract on behalf of the Board.   

Mr. Vance called on Chancellor Hawkins for comments.  Dr. Hawkins thanked everyone for the privilege to serve and reflected on some memories through the years.

B.    Chancellor

The following is an outline of the Chancellor’s report. 

Review of Agenda Items
  • Academic Affairs Committee
    • Faculty Utilization Report - Dr. Lance Tatum
  • Finance Committee led by Mr. John Harrison
    financial report provided by Dr. Bookout
  • Student Affairs Committee - Enrollment Report and recognition of outgoing SGA President Morgan Long
  • Institutional Advancement Committee - Draft Strategic Plan for 2020-2025
  • Athletic Committee Update
American Higher Education Today
  • ACE Predicted 15% drop in fall
  • Projected 25% decline in International students across the country
  • At least 30% colleges and Universities running at a budget deficit
  • Universities cutting programs and furloughing employees
  • Dramatic steps taken in Athletics at a number of institutions
  • Closings continue
Disruption fuels opportunity
  • Have to view glass as half full and turn lemons into lemonade
  • Moved all courses to online instruction
  • Stewardship
    • Hiring freeze will continue to October saving $3 million
    • Strategic Use of Buildings saving $750,000
  • Unprecedented opportunity for physical plant maintenance
  • Review of Procedures:  ACT/SAT requirement
  • Remote Engagement with Students
    • SGA campaigns/elections via social media
    • Online workout classes
    • Live online Bible studies/book clubs
    • Tutoring services/Career Services
    • Virtual Honors Week – 140,000 views
    • Incoming students:
      • Virtual prom
      • Decision Day
      • Register for sorority rush online
  • Chancellor Hawkins shared a virtual tour of our beautiful Troy Campus
  • Life after Covid-19
    • Lesson re-learned:  High-tech AND High-touch
    • The future:  In-class, online, blended
    • “Strong Root System” demand for traditional experience
    • International student enrollment remains a questions
      • 88% of institutions expect enrollment declines or 2020-21
      • Currently have 250 new international awaiting visas
  • Satellite Campuses
    • Service Centers
      • Recruitment, Testing, Public Service, Financial Aid
    • Teaching site for professional development/certification
    • Focused Academic Programs
      • Dothan: Nursing & Early Childhood Education
      • Montgomery: Nursing two-year program
      • Phenix City: Education and Social Work
    • Advancement: Fundraising & Community Relations
    • Maintain Military Relationships—Benning, Rucker, Maxwell AFB
    • Political Influence-cover 1/3 of state
  • 2020 Legislative Session
    • FY21 appropriation $57.9m-$1.7m increase over FY20
    • FY20 supplemental $4.1m from Advancement & Technology Fund
    • FY20 supplemental $175k for Interpreter Training Program
    • Bond share $21.3m—largest in history
    • EDA Grant--$5m
    • 666 Amendment--$2.3m
    • $8.4m CARES Act
      • $4.2m to students/$4.2m to institution
  • Dates to Remember:
    • July 24—Commencement on Troy Campus
      Two Ceremonies
    • Aug. 12--Welcome Students Back to Campus for Fall Semester
    • Sept. 5—Home Football Opener-Arkansas Pine Bluff
    • Sept. 11-12—Trustee Football Trip vs. UMass

In conclusion, Chancellor Hawkins congratulated 

C.    Board Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee, Honorable Karen Carter

Mrs. Carter provided a brief report on the Academic Affairs committee and turned the report over to Dr. Lance Tatum.

Faculty Utilization Report—Dr. Lance Tatum

Dr. Tatum expressed appreciation to Mrs. Carter for her work with the Academic Affairs Committee, adding his thanks to all committee members. 

Dr. Tatum provided an update on Faculty Utilization which started in Fall 2018.

From this study recommendations were developed to establish and maintain, through policy and practice, an appropriate number of faculty.  Below is an outline of Dr. Tatum’s presentation.

Faculty Utilization
Policy Recommendations—

  1. Workload Policy—Equity re faculty responsibilities across colleges (in development stage)
  2. Management of non-tenure track faculty (in development stage)
  3. Post-tenure review (ensure that tenure is working for professor and university) (in development stage)
  4. Distal faculty policy (review stage)
  5. Data governance (completed)

Dr. Tatum added that the University is working hard to find a balance in faculty utilization.  It was noted that every position that comes up for request is being scrutinized with a goal to find a perfect balance of faculty/enrollment.

Academic Program Productivity Report—Dr. Lance Tatum
Resolution #2 – Approving changes to the Faculty Handbook


Resolution No. 2

Approval of the Troy University Faculty Handbook Amendment

WHEREAS, on the 1st of August, 2019, the Board of Trustees approved the official Faculty Handbook of Troy University; and

WHEREAS, this was an updated version of the 2018 Faculty Handbook; and

WHEREAS, the administration and faculty have identified changes and updates that are needed for timeliness and accuracy in an amended handbook; and

WHEREAS, the Chancellor's Cabinet has both reviewed and approved the amended Faculty Handbook; and

WHEREAS, the Faculty Handbook is available for review on the Troy University Web site at,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Faculty Handbook of Troy University, of Aug. 1, 2019, is superseded by Faculty Handbook of Troy University as amended to be effective August 1, 2020 by action of the Board of Trustees on May 28, 2020.

Southern Association for Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges Update—Dr. Lance Tatum

Dr. Tatum provided a brief update on the SACSCOC visit which will be June 15th – 18th.  There will be our SACS onsite visit.  

Resolution #3 – Amending the Board of Trustees Bylaws to Comply with SACSCOC Requirements

Dr. Tatum when the board evaluates Board evaluates itself.  


Resolution No. 3

Amending the Bylaws of the Troy University Board of Trustees

WHEREAS, Troy University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACS/COC); and

WHEREAS, as part of the SACS/COC decennial review process, we have identified three suggested modifications to the Troy University Board of Trustees Bylaws in order for the University to comply fully with current SACS/COC principles; and

WHEREAS, the suggested revision to the Bylaws are outlined and highlighted here:

From Article I, page 2:
The composition of the Board and the terms of office of Board members shall be in compliance with the Code of Alabama Title 16-56-1, et seq. (1975).  Failure to attend Board meetings or failure to participate in Board meetings in good faith may constitute grounds for the full Board to request the resignation of a Board member.  Such an action would require a three-fourths vote of the entire Board.  If the vote is in favor of removal, a recommendation will be made to the Governor for final disposition. All other state laws pertinent to the removal of public officials shall apply to the members of the Board.

From Article I, page 3:
In compliance with the Code of Alabama Title 16-56-1, et. seq. (1975), the Board shall appoint a Chancellor who shall serve as the chief executive officer of the University and as secretary to the Board and shall perform all services as may be required by the Board.   The Board shall evaluate the Chancellor every four years. The Board may regulate, alter, or modify the governance of the University within the confines of the above referenced statute.

From Article I, page 4:
The Board retains any and all authority granted to it as the corporate body of Troy University by any and all applicable laws. The Board shall conduct a self-evaluation every four years at the first Board meeting following each regular gubernatorial election.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the aforementioned revisions to the bylaws be adopted at the May 28, 2020 meeting of the Troy University Board of Trustees.

Finance Committee, Honorable John Harrison
  • Resolution # 4 – Proposed Tuition/Fee Schedule


Resolution #4

Changing the Tuition Rates and Fee Structure

WHEREAS, Troy University is expected to receive an increase in state appropriations totaling $1.7 million for the fiscal year 2021; and

WHEREAS, Troy University's appropriation from the State of Alabama totals 24% of its operating budget. For this reason, Troy University has become a self-reliant, self-funded and tuition driven institution. Only through good stewardship of its resources, sound financial management, and its entrepreneurial spirit has it been able to not only sustain itself but advance its mission; and

WHEREAS, Troy University's current tuition structure is as follows; and

  1. Undergraduate per credit hour tuition - $325, In-Class; $338, Online
  2. Graduate per credit hour tuition - $425, In-Class; $494, Online
  3. Doctoral per credit hour tuition - $425, In-Class; $494, Online

WHEREAS, Troy University's current in-state fee structure is as follows; and 

  1. General Fee - $42.00 per credit hour (Alabama In-Class Only)

WHEREAS, for the 2020-2021 academic year, Troy University proposes no increase in undergraduate or graduate tuition rates, but proposes a change in the Doctoral Program per credit hour tuition rate to $550 In-Class and $550 Online; and

WHEREAS, for the 2020-2021 academic year, Troy University proposes no change to the General Fee, but proposes a new Online course fee of $50.00 per credit hour for all students, enrolling in an online course, except those enrolled as TROY Online (ET01) students; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES that Troy University proposes the adoption of the changes previously stated, based upon passage by the Alabama Legislature of the Budget, specifically Troy University's Appropriation, recommended by the Governor and the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.

Student Services Committee, Honorable Ed Crowell

Gen. Crowell thanked the members of the Student Services Committee for their service.  Before moving into the committee’s agenda items, Gen. Crowell 

Enrollment Report—Mr. Buddy Starling

At the request of Gen. Crowell, Mr. Starling provided an enrollment report.  The following is an outline of highlights from Mr. Starling’s report.

As a result of the pandemic, every aspect of recruiting and enrollment has been discussed.

  • Summer 2020 Activity
    • Applications for admission reflect a 12% increase
    • Applications admitted reflect a 2% increase
    • New start comparisons show a 4% increase
    • Total registration reflected in headcount (up 17%) and credit hours (up 23%)
  • Fall 2020 Activity
    • Undergraduate Applications admitted up 17% over this time last year
    • Impact registrations to date show a decrease of 5%; 80% opting for “in-person”
  • Additional Fall 2020 Indicators
    • Housing applications up 1%
    • Sorority recruitment registration up 52%
  • Institutional Scholarships Activity to Date
    • Scholarships accepted show a significant increase for Fall 20 over Fall 19
  • Recent Engagement Initiatives
    • Military Appreciation Month
    • Leadership 101 – Continuing Ed
    • Worldwide Open House

Dr. Schmidt thanked his colleagues for the collaborative effort from all division on the recruitment effort.  

Resolution No. 5 – Honoring outgoing SGA President Morgan Chad Long

Trustee Crowell introduced a resolution honoring outgoing SGA President Morgan Chad Long.       


Resolution No. 5

Commending Morgan Long for service as SGA president

WHEREAS, Morgan Chad Long served as President of the Troy University Student Government Association for the 2019-2020 academic year; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Long has shown outstanding leadership qualities and has played an integral role in the progress of Troy University; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Long’s administration was marked by his devotion to serving as a passionate advocate for the student body he represented, particularly in the area of improving campus dining; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Long worked closely with senior administration to aid in the development and opening of a new student fitness center on the Troy Campus; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Long has done an outstanding job of representing the student body on the Board of Trustees, among the faculty and staff and in the greater community; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Long’s term as SGA President came to an end during spring semester 2020, and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees hereby recognizes Mr. Morgan Chad Long for hard work and exemplary leadership of the Student Government Association and wishes him the best for future success.

Institutional Advancement Committee, Honorable Forrest Latta
Strategic Planning Report—Dr. John Schmidt

Mr. Latta called on Dr. John Schmidt report on the current status and present a draft of the strategic plan.  Mr. Latta thanked Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Hawkins for the input the Board has been able to have in this process. 

Dr. Schmidt thanked Mr. Latta.   Dr. Schmidt added that Dr. Doug Patterson and Dr. John Dew have had a tremendous hand in preparation of the draft plan. 

A draft copy of strategic plan was provided in advance of the meeting to the committee. 

Dr. Schmidt asked Board members to forward comments, additions or corrections to him for incorporation into the draft plan to be presented for Board approval in September.  The four major areas:  recruitment, retention, graduation and international have metrics defined.  

Mr. Latta encouraged Board members to provide feedback to Dr. Schmidt. 

Athletic Policy Committee, Honorable Allen Owen

Mr. Owen called on Mr. Jones, Athletics Director, to provide a report on behalf of the Athletic Policy Committee.  Below is an outline of Mr. Jones report.

Athletics Report--Mr. Brent Jones

Spring Sports Recap

Men’s Basketball

  • Hosted nationally televised game on ESPN2 vs. South Alabama
  • Beat the #1 team in the conference three times (Georgia State twice and Little Rock once)
  • Signed the most talented and highly regarded class in program history
  • Three of the top six players in the state of Alabama selected Troy University

Women’s Basketball 

  • Greatest regular season in program history
  • Won the Sun Belt Conference Regular Season for the first time ever
  • Senior Class recorded 83 wins over their 4 years – most in program history
    • Finished the season 25-4 Overall and 16-2 in the Sun Belt
    • Marked the most wins in program history – even without a postseason
    • Landed three players on All-Sun Belt Teams – Japonica James (1st), Alexus Dye (2nd) and Jasmine Robinson (3rd)
  • Secured the #1 seed in the Sun Belt Conference Tournament
  • Received votes for Top 25
  • Finished season ranked #13 in mid-major poll
  • Felmas Koranga - Signed WBCA Junior College Player of the Year, #2 overall Junior College recruit in country; first Kenyan women’s Division I basketball player


  • Off to a great start this season and won 7 in a row to open the season
  • Four heartbreaking losses to top 25 teams (#1 Florida and #23 Southern Miss) Will return key contributors in Drew Frederic, Rigsby Mosley, Dalton Sinquefield and Levi Thomas
  • Levi Thomas – was one of the most dominant pitchers in the nation with a 0.39 ERA through 4 appearances
    • Was named Collegiate Baseball National Player of the Week for career-high 14 strikeouts in just 5 innings of work.
    • Two All-Americans – Levi Thomas (2nd Team) and Caleb Bartolero (3rd Team)
    • Top 100 Players in D1 Baseball
      • Rigsby Mosley listed as the #28 hitter in the nation
      • Levi Thomas listed as the #48 pitcher in the nation
      • Troy was the only school in the Sun Belt to have a player in the Top 50 on each list 


  • Ended year at 17-6 on the shortened season.
  • Ended the season with a RPI of 26 - highest ever
  • Leanna Johnson, ranked 6th Nationally in Strikeouts at 137 (Sophomore)
  • Defeated #16 South Carolina 

Men’s and Women’s Tennis

  • Men’s Tennis finished with a 11-4 overall record
  • Men’s Tennis had the entire conference schedule canceled, which included 9 matches
  • Women’s Tennis finished with a 5-4 overall record
  • Women’s Tennis had the entire conference schedule canceled, which included 10 matches

Men’s and Women’s Golf

  • Men’s golf finished 2nd and 4th in two tournaments
  • Women’s Golf won 3 out of 9 tournaments that they played
  • 3 wins in one season is extremely rare and impressive
  • Both golf programs had two tournaments canceled

Track and Field 

  • Finished 2nd in the Sun Belt Conference Championship
  • Women’s Indoor had the highest point finish in the history of the program with 89 points.
  • Had 7 student-athletes make a podium placement (Top 3 in their event)


  • On March 12th, the NCAA canceled all NCAA sanctioned winter and spring championships effectively ending all sports.
  • Due to the cancelation of the Men’s NCAA tournament, the NCAA lost $650 Million in revenue
  • The NCAA will distribute $225 Million instead of $600 Million to membership schools
  • May 20th - NCAA announced that beginning June 1st voluntary on-campus activity is permitted for all sports. 
  • Sun Belt Conference will receive $9 Million less than expected
  • Each Sun Belt Conference school will receive $725,000 less than expected
  • Name, Imagine and Likeness - will be voted on and implemented in January of 2021- still working on details. Will receive details late October
  • Transfer Waiver for all sports - postponed to next year. Currently football, baseball, men’s and women’s basketball and hockey are not allowed to transfer without sitting out. 


  • Troy University student-athletes pay $3.6 Million to Troy University each year in tuition, fees, dining and housing per year. Most student-athletes are not on full scholarships.
  • Reducing this year’s current budget to offset the $725,000 loss of NCAA distribution.
  • Prorated refund for baseball season ticket holders. 60% donated the money to the department
  • Implemented a spending, traveling and hiring freeze immediately 
  • Through budget neutral measures, able to offer seniors in spring sports the ability to come back to school on scholarship. (5th year seniors)
  • $1.15 million debt service payment each January for the building of the North End Zone Complex. This is funded primarily through development dollars.
  • Sun Belt Conference Cost Cutting Measures include:
    • Eliminating the conference regular season for men’s and women’s tennis and only taking the top 8 teams to the conference tournament.
    • Women’s Soccer and Volleyball will only play a divisional schedule thus reducing travel costs.
    • Remove the fourth official/umpire in baseball and soccer.
    • Baseball and Softball only allowed to spend two nights in a hotel over a weekend series thus reducing one hotel night.
    • Baseball and Softball encouraged to play doubleheaders for all weekend series when possible.
    • Softball will only play an 8-game conference series schedule.
    • Goal was to protect Baseball and Softball scheduling as they are our two highest ranked RPI sports in the Sun Belt which allows for a greater chance of having multiple teams in the NCAA Tournament (i.e. Troy Baseball in 2018 as an at-large bid) 

Cost Saving Measures

  • No new uniforms for the 2020-21 season for team sports
  • Non-essential support staff travel to away games should be greatly limited.
  • Hosting the volleyball and softball conference tournaments
  • Hotel rooms are to accommodate 2 people per room for all coaches and staff.
  • All teams are to schedule non-conference participation in a regional manner to eliminate all airline travel.  The only exception will be for teams generating an excessive positive game guarantee.
  • No in-conference flights as all teams are required to drive rather than utilize airline travel when traveling 12 hours or less to conference contests.
  • All teams traveling four hours or less, will “play off the bus” to eliminate the previous night’s hotel stay.
  • Schedule wiser and more conservatively (i.e. double headers/multigame weekend trips, etc.)
  • No extracurricular/entertainment activities (e.g., professional sporting event, team bonding/building) should take place even if purchasing from the foundation.
  • Look to host as many home events as possible, especially in out-of-season competitions
  • No professional conventions this year and next year for coaches or staff.
  • Reduce the amount of travel and workout gear received by student-athletes.
  • Whenever possible, have student-athletes eat in the dining hall instead of purchasing pregame meals.
  • Use university buses for airport travel.
  • Eliminate as much overnight stay as possible when employees are recruiting. 
  • Now that Zoom and virtual recruiting has been implemented, look to utilize these options when available as opposed to home visits by employees as well as official visits by 

Spring 2020

  • Student-Athlete Population GPA = 3.11
  • 11 of 15 teams with a 3.0 or higher team GPA
  • 8 of those 11 were above a 3.5 team GPA
  • Football had its highest GPA in program history
  • Women’s Golf had highest semester GPA since Fall of 2013
  • Men’s Tennis had highest semester GPA in recorded history (since Spring 2010)
  • Women’s Tennis had highest semester GPA in recorded history (since Spring 2010)
  • Men’s Cross Country had highest semester GPA in recorded history (since Spring 2010)
  • Women’s Golf and Softball received APR public recognition for being in the top 10% of their sports. 

2019-20 Academic Year

  • Student-Athlete Population GPA = 3.002
  • 10 of 15 teams with a 3.0 or higher academic year GPA
  • student-athletes


  • Total of 1,675 Season Tickets
  • Sold 888 Season Tickets – up from 390 last season
  • 125% Increase in Season Tickets Sold- highest in NCAA this year
  • 2nd Highest Attended Men’s Game – 5,010 vs. UAB
  • 3rd Highest Attended Men’s Game- 4,523 vs. South Alabama
  • Averaged 2,508 fans per basketball game – highest in program history
  • Women’s Basketball had the highest attended game in program history with 2,539 against Fort Valley State to open the season.
  • Women’s Basketball had the highest attended season in program history 


  • 1,262 total season tickets
  • Highest number of tickets sold in almost 10 years
  • 30.6% increase in season tickets sold compared to the previous year


  • Currently at 55% of season tickets sold compared to last year.
  • This is encouraging with over 3 months away from kickoff

Revenue Generation


  • Up 13% Year-Over-Year in this most recent Quarter (Q3)
  • One of two schools with Affinity Licensing to show growth in this most recent quarter
  • Over 100 items have come through recently as retailers begin opening back up
  • Troy Branded Face Masks are in the pipeline and working on getting into stores


  • 54 Sponsors
  • $1 Million in cash and trade 


  • $812,491 raised in development dollars since June 1, 2019
    • TSL - $1,267,661.51
    • Cash Donations - $610,801.44
    • Pledges - $201,690
  • 603 Philanthropic Donors since June 1, 2019
  • Currently have 21 members in the Troy Athletics Leadership Society
    • 8 of these members are new since June 1, 2019
  • Have received 19 total major gifts since June 1, 2019 


  • In conjunction with the university leadership, chancellor and stakeholders to build a dynamic, aggressive, forward thinking, collaborative and sustainable future for Troy Athletics. 


  • To provide the best student-athlete experience possible
  • To be the most dominant program in the Sun Belt
  • To compete for conference championships in all sports
  • Be great stewards of our brand and resources
  • Be a great partner of Troy University
  • Continue the momentum and trajectory of the athletic department
  • Continue to galvanize our fans, students, alums, donors, and supporters


  • To be great stewards of our brand and resources
  • W4 Approach - Win in the Classroom – Community - Playing Field - In the stands
  • To Win at a high level
  • To win with honor and integrity
  • Grow our resources 


  • To win the Bubas Cup
  • Compete for championships in every sport
  • Set all-time records in attendance, fundraising, ticket sales, ticket revenue, corporate sponsorships and licensing
  • Maintain a high APR, GPA and graduation rate
  • Ensure no major NCAA violations
  • Ensure no ineligible players

Mr. Jones presented a video highlighted athletics.

V. New Business

Mr. Vance called on Ms. Nicole Jayjohn, SGA President for comments.  Ms. Jayjohn discussed her goal             

VI. Adjournment

With no further business to come before the Board, Mr. Higgins made a motion to adjourn.  A second was made by Mr. Crowell and the meeting adjourned.

Jack Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D.
Chancellor, Troy University
 and Secretary, Board of Trustees

C. Gibson Vance
President Pro Tempore
Troy University Board of Trustees