Event News

Event News

Tea Talk: Tea Ceremony and Mooncakes (Mid-autumn Festival)

ms. bui present about chinese tea 
mr. austin invited the participants to enjoy mooncakes 
tea ceremony demonstration 
group picture of the particiapnts 
troy students enjoyed the presentation with mooncakes 

On September 28th, the Chinese Culture Club, hosted by the Center for International Languages and Cultures (CILC), held their second Tea Talk event, which covered the Chinese Tea Ceremony and Mooncakes, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Ms. Chau Bui, an assistant at CILC, presented about the history of Chinese tea , the various classifications of Chinese tea, and the importance of tea in Chinese culture and life. Then, she shared about the legend of Mid-Autumn Festival in Mid-autumn Festival and invited the participants to celebrate the festival together with mooncakes and warm tea. To wrap up the event, Ms. Bui demonstrated the Chinese tea ceremony. The event was a great success with the participation of Troy University students along with faculty, staff, and members of the Troy community. 

Tea Talk: How to Make Ginger Beef and Dumplings

mr. austin deal introduced about how to make dumplings 
dr. xu instructed on how to make ginger beed 
troy student enjoyed the presentation 
the group picture of the first tea talk 
cilc served dumplings and ginger beef to the participants 
troy students enjoyed the food 
troy faculty and staff enjoyed the food 

On September 16th, the Chinese Culture Club hosted by the Center for International Languages and Cultures (CILC) held the first Tea Talk event of the Fall 2021 Semester with the topic of How to make Chinese Ginger Beef and Dumplings. As Chinese cuisine is loved by so many, the event attracted 27 Troy students, faculty, and staff. To welcome the participants to the event, CILC assistants served warm green tea. During the event, Mr. Austin Deal first shared the instructions and multiple methods on how to make dumplings. Then, Dr. Iris Xu, the Director of CILC, presented and demonstrated step-by-step how to make authentic Chinese Ginger Beef with ingredients that are easy to find in any grocery store. The event wrapped up with the club members serving Ginger Beef and Dumplings to the participants.

CILC Shares Cultural Activities at Troy Trojans vs Liberty Flames Football Game's Tailgate Event

an elder woman happy with chinese knot 
Dr. Xu introduced about the chinese displayed items 
CILC shared chinese food with troy community 
cilc staff shared about chinese cultural items 
the attendees shared their favorite cultural items 
cilc staff served chinese cuisine to the army soldiers 
cilc staff shared chinese cuisine with troy community 

On September 11th, 2021,  the Center for International Languages and Cultures at Troy University (CILC) hosted a tent at the Veterans Memorial Stadium to share Chinese culture. Before the game between Troy Trojans vs Liberty Flames, CILC  distributed leaflets for non-credit Chinese courses, handed out Troy University hand fans, introduced Chinese culture through various cultural items, and provided traditional Chinese cuisine - fried dumplings and vegetarian spring rolls. The Troy community enjoyed various cultural activities at CILC's tailgate tent and complimented it as one of the best-decorated tents at the tailgate event.

CILC Celebrates Troy University's First Football Game of 2021 at Tailgate Terrace

a family picture presented their names in Chinese caligraphy 
a picture with a group of US army soldiers who enjoyed dumpkings 
ci staff introduced about chinese decoration to a little boy 
ci staff gifted a chinese bracelet to little boy 
ci staff wrote troy family names in chinese caligraphy 
ci staff introduced about chinese decoration 
troy community came to supported and enjoyed the food and cultural items 

On September 9th, 2021,  the Center for International Languages and Cultures at Troy University (CILC) celebrated TROY's first football game of 2021 at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. Before the game between Troy Trojans vs Southern Jaguars, the Troy community enjoyed various cultural activities at CILC's tailgate tent such as Chinese calligraphy, playing Chinese shuttlecocks, and tasting Chinese dumplings and egg rolls. The first tailgate event of the season hosted by CILC was a huge success with the first victory of Troy Trojans over Southern Jaguars.

Latter-Day Saint Mutual Youth Group Visited The Chinese Exhibit at JRL Hall

the group picture of the participants tried on chinese costumes 
one participant put on lion head 
the participants listen to the tour guide about the exhibition hall 
group picture of the latter-day saints mutual youth group at the exhibition hall 

On July 21st, 2021, the Latter-Day Saints Mutual youth group visited the Chinese culture exhibit at Troy University in John Robert Lewis Hall to experience Chinese culture and history. Ms. Chau Bui, the tour guide, introduced the visitors to exhibits related to traditional Chinese culture and folk customs. She also introduced Chinese paintings, ethnic costumes, and instruments such as the Guzheng and Calf Skin Drum to the visitors. The tour ended with the visitors trying on the various ethnic costumes and having fun with the lion heads.

CILC Celebrates Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Multicultural Festival Series

two little boys taking picture with stuffed panda 
attendees intersted in cultural items 
handing out chinese food to the attendees 
waist drum dance at the festival 
face painting for a young attendee 
handing out Troy t-shirts at the festival  
CILC staff at the event 

On May 8th, the Center for International Languages and Cultures at Troy University (CILC) collaborated with the Central Alabama Association for Chinese CAAC) in Montgomery to celebrate the Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at the Multicultural Festival Series organized by the City of Montgomery’s Department of Cultural Affairs. Several cultural performances from different countries were presented, including Traditional Chinese dance, Waist Drum dance, Korean dance, traditional instrument performances, Indian dance, and many more. CILC provided traditional Chinese food to the public, such as pan-fried dumplings, egg rolls, and salted crispy chicken. Additionally, CILC distributed cultural items such as Chinese opera masks, Chinese knots, calligraphy brushes, TROY T-shirts, and Chinese language learning materials to the event’s attendees. CILC also provided free face painting to young attendees. 

Chinese Culture Club: Chinese Tea Ceremony

tea ceremony demonstration 
tea ceremony presentation 
tea appreciation at the end of the tea ceremony 

On April 6th, twelve students and staff from Troy University and local Troy community members participated in an online event hosted by Troy University's Center for International Language and Culture's (CILC) Chinese Culture Club. The Chinese Tea Ceremony was presented by Ms. Chau Bui, an assistant at CILC, as she divided the event into two parts: the Tea Ceremony presentation and the Tea Ceremony demonstration. In the first half of the event, Ms. Bui introduced the history of Chinese tea, its various classifications, the benefits of each type, and the meanings and usage of tea in Chinese culture and daily life. In the second half of the event, she explained the basic steps of brewing tea and performed the tea ceremony demonstration. (Recorded live tea ceremony demonstration).

Chinese Culture Club: Making Paper Roses

ms. xixi demonstrating the first type of paper rose 
second type of handmade paper rose 
lavender roses from paper 
3 types of paper flowers demonstrate at the event 

On March 23rd, fourteen students and staff from Troy University and members of the local Troy community participated in an online event hosted by Troy University's Center for International Language and Culture's (CILC) Chinese Culture Club. The event, titled Making Paper Roses, was led by Mrs. Xixi Mao, a volunteer for the club, as she presented the various meanings of flowers in Chinese culture. She introduced three different types of flowers in the crafting demonstration: roses, red magnolias, and purple lavender. She carefully explained the steps of making each flower from simple materials like toilet paper and construction paper. The participants enjoyed Mrs. Mao's presentation and the crafting demonstration, and some even followed along and made their own flowers. (Recorded live crafting demonstration)

CILC Hostes Chinese New Year Celebration at Coleman Center

xixi mao told the story of dragon 
dothan campus staff dragon dance  
the children enjoyed the performance 

On Feb 25th, 2021, Center for International Languages and Cultures hosted Chinese New Year celebration at Coleman Center for the kindergarten students and teachers. Mrs. Xixi Mao presented about the tradition customs of Chinese New Year Celebration. As dragon has been a symbol of power, strength, and good luck, the volunteer staff at Dothan campus brought upon a phenomenal dragon dance performance which created a festive atmosphere to the children. Both the children and the teachers enjoyed the special presentation and  performance of the event.

Chinese Culture Club: Celebrating Lantern Festival: Making Chinese Lanterns Tutorial

demonstration of making lantern 
in the process of making a lantern 
a complete lantern from the tutorial 

At 6 pm on Feb 23rd, 2021, Chinese Culture Club hosted Online Chinese Lantern Festival Celebration: How to make dumplings. The presentation was presented by Xixi Mao. Ms. Mao first introduced the customs of Chinese Lantern Festival. Then,  she demonstrated to audiences the step-by-step tutorial of making a Chinese lantern. She showed the various shapes of the lanterns as well as thoroughly explained the meanings behind them. The audiences enjoyed the event the presentation and atmosphere of the Lantern Festival.

Chinese Culture Club: Chinese New Year Celebration: How to Make Dumplings

making dumpling presentation 
Chinese new year customs 
The demonstration of making dumplings 
The participants of the event 

At 6 pm on Feb 16th, 2021, CLIC hosted Online Chinese Culture Club: Chinese New Year Celebration: How to make dumplings. The New Year special presentation was hosted by Dr. Li Fang. Dr. Fang demonstrated the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese New Year through detailed introduction of Spring Festival folk customs such as hanging Spring Festival couplets, cleaning window grilles, praying to the door-guarding gods, and hanging lanterns. While introducing the folk customs of the Spring Festival to the audience, Dr. Fang Li also introduced  traditional Chinese New Year cuisines such as dumplings, glutinous rice balls, spring rolls, and rice cakes and explained the meanings behind the shapes and textures of the food. Making dumplings is an important part of this New Year celebration. Dr. Fang presented the tutorial of making dumpling wrappers, dumpling fillings, and various methods of cooking dumplings through various methods such as live display and video playback. The celebration was a big success.

Chinese Culture Club: Terracotta Warriors Presentation

presentation about terracotta warriors 
the figures of the warriors 
terracotta warriors at troy 
the janice park at troy 

At 6 pm on Jan19th, 2021, Online Chinese Culture Club: Terracotta Warriors was held as scheduled. Dr. Li Fang, a visiting scholar at Troy University, hosted the presentation. The lecture has two parts: Terracotta Warriors in China and Terracotta Warriors in Troy University. During the lecture, Dr. Fang and audiences had a lively discussion on the production technology of terracotta warriors and horses, the ancient Chinese pottery making skills, and the ancient Chinese army formation.