Terracotta wariors of Troy

Troy University's Terracotta Warrior exhibit was recently featured on the CCTV program, "Nation's Greatest Treasures. Troy's exhibit is the largest other than the original terracotta warriors in China. Welcome to Troy University, Troy, Alabama USA

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Chinese Language and Culture Programs at Troy University! In this non-credit or self-interest (for credit courses, please see this link) program, you will undergo comprehensive study of Chinese language and culture that focuses on the Chinese language, cultural awareness, academia, consulting, government, literature, history, art history, film, and business studies, which are essential for success in career pursuits such as language teaching, business, education, public service, translation, and technology, related to China, Chinese people, and Chinese language.

Apart from the wide range of activities offered through the Center for International Languages & Cultures (CILC), you will be encouraged to enhance your cultural understanding and knowledge by enrolling in China-related courses or programs offered through other projects.