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TROY-STAR Summer Camp

Week One

group photo of campers with the lion and dragon costumes

Registration Day: On July 26th, the team put in hard work with the teachers to set up their class rooms, but the most important thing was all of the new faces that came to visit us at our camp!

Day One: Today we did all kinds of things. Opening ceremony, placement tests, our first classes, traditional Chinese dances including the fan, umbrella, and lion dances. After some rest, we learned about and made our own Chinese paper cut art!

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Day Two: Today we started learning new dances like the dragon, Kung Fu fan, and ribbon dances! We also started small group sessions and have been hard at work learning and practicing our Chinese language skills. After dinner, we went to Walmart and bought snacks, drinks, and of course, soap and other personal hygiene products. It gets pretty warm during our day!

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Day Three: Today was another big day! Great food, new language lessons to learn and practice, and making our dances look even better than yesterday! We ended the night watching a fantastic movie. As good as we are already, tomorrow will make us even better!

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Day Four: Today was such a great day! Clouds kept us nice and cool (with just a little rain) and we improved so much. Troy's journalism department even came to interview some of us while we were practicing our dances, how exciting! The day was long, but it was very fulfilling. We just keep learning more and more in our classes. For our culture activity this evening we learned how to play Mahjong. The rules seem difficult at first, but we may have some master strategists among us. Here's to another great day tomorrow!

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Day Five: Today on the first of July marks the end of the first set of weekdays, but don't worry, our weekend will be just as fun! We learned even more today, our dances are coming together quite nicely (look forward to a great show!), and we learned about traditional Chinese bracelet making. It was a great today to start July, and tomorrow will be just as great!

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Day Six: Today concludes our first week of camp, and what a week it has been. We've learned so much, made new friends, played new games, danced, and experienced so many things important to Chinese culture. Today was no different as we learned some more advanced ways to fold paper into beautiful shapes. It was tough, but they sure came out great. We have come so far with our performances and we still have so much time to make them fantastic!
Happy birthday to our very own Dr. Xu. 祝你生日快乐!

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Week Two