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Troystar students take a group picture in front of Trojans fountain

Registration & Day One

Registration day: Welcomed the teachers and students. We together decorated classrooms and did the first cultural activity which was handcrafted Sun Wukong (the Monkey King) puppet.

Day One: After taking placement test in the morning, the students visited Confucius Exhibition Hall to attend Jing He's presentation about traditional Chinese costumes, Kung Fu, dragon/lion dance, traditional musical instruments, and Chinese calligraphy. The opening ceremony was successfully held with the special appearance of Senior Vice Chancelor, Dr. Lance Tatum. Night-time activities were sculpting Chinese air-dry clay instructed by Dr. Li Wei and playing Chinese chess.

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Day Two

Students and teachers had an one-to-one Chinese practicing time in the morning. Then, both students and teacher participants had lectures. After class they went to join the daily activities which were Lion Dance, Xinjiang Dance, Taichi, Dragon Dance, Umbrella Dance, Daichi Fan, and square dance. After dinner, students and teachers went to Walmart to practice what they've learned during daytime.

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Day Three

The students took part in Chinese Corner to have one-on-one practice sessions with the teacher participants. After that the students participated in various Chinese morning activities which were Lion Dance, Xinjiang Dance, Taichi, Dragon Dance, Umbrella Dance, Taichi Fan, and square dance. During Chinese language class, students learned how to address time in Chinese, sing traditional Chinese poems, practice Chinese Seaweed dance, and gain proficiency in using chopsticks. Night-time activity was a Mahjong workshop presented by visiting scholar Yunchu Zhang.

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Day Four

After the students completed their morning routine, the level-one students learned how to introduce their family members in Chinese during the language class. Then, they enjoyed the Chinese mask handcrafted workshop after the lecture.  The level-two students mastered more movements in Chinese Seaweed dance. Night-time activity was conducted by Ms. Na Jiang, a visiting scholar. She presented and instructed the students about Chinese calligraphy.

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Day Five

The students took a group picture with the Senior Vice Chancelor, Dr. Lance Tatum, in Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park.  Night-time activity was painting Chinese cherry blossom. After classes, the students had fun with the Most Dazzling Folk dance in Cowarts lobby.

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Day Six

During  language classes, level-one students learned more useful vocabs from daily life and level-two students learned how to order food in Chinese.  Night-time activity was Chinese tea ceremony conducted by Ms. Zheng Zhou, a visiting scholar.

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Group picture of the students and teachers with Dr. Lance Tatum at International Art Center

Day Seven

The students learned more Chinese song during their language class. In the afternoon, they watched a Chinese movie together called:" Li Lei and Han Mei Mei  ." Night-time activity was Chinese bracelet/knot workshop hosted by Ms.  Wenjuan Cheng. 

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Day Eight

The level-one students learned about Chinese currency and common conversations to use when shopping in Beijing. Level-two students expanded their Chinese vocabs on shopping clothes and practiced more Chinese songs. The Chinese teachers organized a marketplace where students made use of the "Stars" they earned throughout the camp as currency to trade for Chinese authentic souvenirs. Night-time activity was Chinese paper-cutting. The cultural activity was conducted by Ms. Yang Dongwan, a visiting scholar from China.

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Day Nine

Level-one students learned more vocabs about shopping in China and weather. While level-two students practiced the tones in Chinese and more common conversational scenarios when shopping in China. During lunch time, all students and teachers enjoyed performing flashmob of the Most Dazzling Folk dance in dinning hall of Troy University. Night-time activity was a field trip to Walmart in Troy with other teachers where the students could practice the vocabs they learned by calling food and supplies in the store in Chinese.

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Day Ten

After the students learned how to address directions and transportation in Chinese, they practiced a song names "The moon represents my heart" to prepare for the closing ceremony. The students took HSK test after they went on Terracotta warriors tour in Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park. Night-time activity was about the history of Terracotta Warriors conducted by Dr. Fang Li

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Day Eleven

The students enjoyed zip line and outdoor activities at Butter and Eggs Adventures in the morning. After taking a short break, the students and teachers rehearsed all the performances for the closing ceremony. All the students and teachers went to Golden Crane restaurant for dinner and went to watch firework show to celebrate July 4th.

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Day Twelve & Closing Ceremony