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Employment Policy

Office of Sponsored Programs Employment Policy

Troy University

It is the policy of Troy University to employ, in good faith, personnel to fulfill the requirements of externally funded grants and contracts. These employees are expected to adhere to policies and procedures that apply to all University personnel as indicated in Staff and Faculty Handbooks and other official Troy documents. The benefits to be provided to grant and contract personnel will vary in accordance with the project. The University may, at its discretion, offer additional benefits but is under no obligation to do so. The benefits to be provided by the external project and/or the University will be outlined to employees at the beginning of the term of employment. The University neither states nor implies that employment will extend beyond the term of the project and/or the funding that applies to the individual position. Fringe benefits cannot be guaranteed and are subject to change at any time except as provided by State or Federal law which includes Teacher’s Retirement contributions and Affordable Care Act guidelines.

Modified policy approved by the Chancellor's Cabinet May 2013.