Biology Pre-Professional Program

About the Program 

Are you drawn to the study of biology and dream of furthering your education in order to pursue a professional degree such as a Ph.D. or M.D.? TROY’s undergraduate biology pre-professional program could be the program for you!

As you work your way through TROY’s biology pre-professional program, you’ll gain valuable deeper understanding and valuable lab experiences areas such as biology, chemistry, ecology, cell biology, organic chemistry and genetics, just to name a few. You’ll also have opportunities to dive into areas such as immunology, human anatomy and physiology, hematology, food microbiology, etc.

TROY’s dedicated and knowledgeable faculty members within the College of Arts and Sciences can help you set the groundwork for future academic and professional endeavors. Within your classrooms and labs, you’ll be provided with opportunities to work hands-on within various areas of scientific study—you’ll even be given opportunities to conduct your own research! After graduation, these experiences will help prepare you to take your next step into a new phase of your academic adventure! Whether you decide to pursue a medical degree or focus on pursing a master’s or Ph.D. in order to work within the fields of business or government, you can move forward with a solid understanding and applicable skills to put to use in your future endeavors.


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Program Locations

  • Dothan Campus