Biology Program - Medical Laboratory Science

About the Medical Laboratory Science Concentration 

Do you have a love for science and enjoy the thought of working within a medical lab running tests and working alongside medical professionals? TROY’s undergraduate biology program concentrating in the area of medical laboratory science may be the perfect degree for you! 

TROY’s dedicated and knowledgeable faculty members within the College of Arts and Sciences can help you set the groundwork for a career you enjoy. Within your classes and labs, you’ll be provided with opportunities to work hands-on within various areas of scientific study related to medical laboratory science, some of which include human anatomy and physiology, microbiology and immunology.

As you progress through the program, you’ll learn and develop skills that will prepare you to work for hospitals, businesses and various organizations conducting lab research. One of the most valuable experiences you’ll experience within your degree program is the opportunity to complete 33 hours of internship at a local or regional hospital where you will gain real-world experiences working alongside medical professionals.


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