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Spanish Major

About the Degree in Spanish

In today’s global marketplace, fluency in a second or additional language means enhanced career opportunities, and as “Alabama’s International University,” TROY is uniquely positioned to help students broaden their horizons through foreign language study.

Why Choose TROY? 

Developing your existing conversational language skills or learning to be fluently bilingual opens up a myriad of career and travel opportunities, and TROY can be your passport to them! TROY requires all students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish degree to complete a study abroad program either on their own or through guided trips with faculty members.

To ensure the success of the instruction in the classroom, students are tested prior to graduation using the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages exam for oral and aural proficiency. The TROY Spanish Club is very active on campus and plays host to many cultural and language activities for students.

TROY students also work with native speakers from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Venezuela and other Spanish speaking countries inside the classroom. The TROY Spanish program not only prepares students to speak and write Spanish at an intermediate level or higher, it focuses on the cultural similarities and differences between Spanish speaking countries and the United States.



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