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Learning Communities

Learning communities are small groups of students who share academic characteristics and enroll together in common courses across their first year. Learning communities are a great way to meet other students, while being connected to faculty and staff on-campus.

Benefits Include:

  • Direct Access to Advisors
  • Co-curricular Programs
  • Enhanced Learning Opportunities
  • Early Registration


More about Learning Communities

What is involved?

Students in learning communities are co-registered to take several classes together in the Fall semester of their freshman year. These classes include required courses in the general studies curriculum. Additionally, support services and enhanced learning opportunities will be coordinated for students to promote integration of knowledge, skill development, and student success.

What social activities are planned?

Multiple outside-of-class activities will be offered every semester that enable students to socialize with others, explore their interests, and build skills in areas such as leadership, career decision making, and time and financial management.

What if I want to be involved in other activities on campus?

Campus involvement is encouraged! The learning community is a great place to get to know others and to be known by your peers; however, it is important to participate in the full array of opportunities at TROY. These include student organizations, residence halls, Greek Life, intramurals, and much more.

Who is eligible to participate?

To be eligible, a student must be an incoming first-year student planning to be enrolled full-time for the current academic year. Additionally, students must fit criteria specific to the learning communities they select.

How do I join in?

Due to the unique nature of learning communities and the limited number of spots available, students must apply to join each learning community. This application is separate from the university admissions application and any other university program. Applications are available at IMPACT (new student summer orientation). Students with questions should contact Lauren Cochran – Coordinator of Civic Engagement at (334) 808-6349 or laurencochran@troy.edu. Located in 122 Eldridge Hall.

Designed for students planning to enter career fields in journalism and communication

Allows students to explore majors and careers in the world of business through academic engagement, networking and career preparation

Public Service 
LC designed to build capacity and leadership skills to effectively address community issues.

Youth Development
LC for students focused on making a differences in the lives of youth and children.

Health Sciences 
Prepare for professional career options in health sciences through this LC built around engaged learning.

Creative Habit 
LC designed exclusively for Dance and Theater Majors focused on the performance and production side of both disciplines.

All questions and comments should be directed to Lauren Cochran. She can be reached at 334-808-6349 or laurencochran@troy.edu. Lauren is located in 122 Eldridge Hall.