Service Opportunities

Troy Area Community Agencies, Non-profits and Schools

Agency Name Phone Address
Pike County Heart Board 566-7270  
To reduce death caused by cardiovascular disease.    
Troy Regional Hospital 670-5000 1330 Old Hwy 231 N., Troy
Providing a full range of health care services for Pike Co.    
Alacare Home Health & Hospice 566-9238 131SA824OldHwy231N., Troy
Dedicated to providing patients with the highest level of care available in the most cost-effective environment-- the patient's own home.    
Troy Rehabilitation Center 566-0880 515 Elba Hwy, Troy
Strive to care for each resident in a manner that promotes dignity and quality of life.    
Sav-A-Life 566-2880 523 S. Three Notch, Troy
Pro-Life ministry dedicated to serving each person that walks through our center's door with respect and privacy.    
East Central Mental Health Center 566-6022 200 Cherry St., Troy
Creates a partnership between families, youth, and providers that breaks down barriers, sustains and creates services to meet the needs of families and youth within their communities.    
Humble Hearts 722-0440  
Boys & Girls Club 770-2582 1318 M. 3 Notch Street, Troy
Help youth of all ages succeed academicallysq    
Christian Love Center 566-5210 223 Segars St, Troy
Community center for kids that provides afterschool care and academic assistance    
Pike County 4-H 566-0985 306 N. 3 Notch St., Troy
Offers many opportunities for both youth and adults to experience 4-H at the local, county, district, state, national, and international level.    
Troy Parks & Rec 566-4031 601 Enzor Road, Troy
Community resource for recreational and sports activities in the City of Troy    
Troy Head Start 566-6959 201 B. Lake Avenue, Troy
  566-1712 Organizes events
Head Start offers a comprehensive early education program for children ages 3 to 5, including children with mild to severe disabilities    
Troy Public Library 566-1314 300 N. 3 Notch St., Troy
Serve as a total information and resource center.    
Pike Regional Child Advocacy Center 670-0487 118 W. Orange St., Troy
To protect and serve children victims of trauma    
Choctawhatchee Riverkeeper 566-4860 207 Gail St., Troy
Working with the citizens of the watershed to protect and restore the Choctawhatchee River.    
Keep Troy Beautiful 566-0177  
Bringing people together to build and sustain vibrant environmentally sound communities    
Pike Animal Shelter 670-3233 1305 S. Brundidge St., Troy
Build and maintain a quality, accessible animal shelter that is a pillar in all animal welfare efforts and that adds value to the quality of life in our community.    
Colley Center 808-8500 715 Elm St., Troy
Provide comprehensive, quality programs tailored to meet the needs of adults 50 years of age and older.    
Hospice Advantage 566-4357 413 South Brundidge St # B, Troy
Provides the best end-of-life care throughout the service area through an interdisciplinary team that supports patients and families.    
Noble Manor 372-0331 610 Botts Ave., Troy
Assisted living facility tending to the daily care of elderly who need help with daily tasks.    
Habitat for Humanity
Develop communities with people in need by building and renovating houses.    
Salvation Army 808-1069 509S.BrundidgeSt.Troy
Serving the most people, meeting the most needs, DOING THE MOST GOOD!    
Pike County Chamber of Commerce 566-2294 246Hwy231N.,Troy
Voluntary partnership of business and professional people working together to build a healthy economy and to improve the community's quality of life.    
Pioneer Museum 566-3597 248 US Hwy 231 N., Troy
Preserving the history of the pioneers who settled this area.    
Johnson Center for the Arts 808-1242 300 E. Walnut St., Troy
Cultural Enrichment of the Lives of all Citizens through Exposure to and Education in the Arts    
Pike County Economic
Development Corp.
670-2274 100 Industrial Blvd, Troy
 Attracting, developing and supporting business and industry across Pike Co.    


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