Writing Center Services


Tutoring services are available to any Troy University student. We will work with students on global revision or on any specific area of mechanics or grammar that the student or instructor requests.

Workshops are offered periodically throughout the year, both for teachers and for students, in the Writing Center or in a classroom setting. We are always open to suggestions for workshops, so please tell us if you see a need for one. In addition, we gladly give tours of the Writing Center.

Computer-assisted instruction is available for almost any aspect of mechanics and writing. The Writing Center has eight Dell computers with Windows XP and Office Professional for students to use for research or revision. Students who are in the typing stage are usually encouraged to use Computer Works, Eldridge 135.

Library - The Writing Center has a library of printed resources dealing with literature, rhetoric and composition, curriculum development, test preparation, and interdisciplinary writing. You are welcome to borrow any of these materials.

ESL - The Writing Center has workbooks and teacher guides for use in working with students for whom English is a second language (ESL).

Paragraph Program – The Writing Center offers focused reading instruction for students who experience difficulty comprehending their course texts.