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Adult Education (ADE)

ADE 3305

Teaching Adults with Technology (3)


Instructional technology is becoming increasingly an important part of adult learner education. Adult learners need to utilize current and emerging technologies to perform required career duties and succeed as professionals in the workforce. Technology enhances the learning of adults, improves their motivation, and engages them in various activities. It also increases accessibility to individualized learning, and improves communication with coworkers and supervisors. This course focuses on the ideas and skills to integrate technology efficiently into curriculum and its utilization for effective teaching.

ADE 3310

Teaching Adult Learners (3)


This course features practical strategies and instructional techniques for teaching adult learners. Topics include characteristics of adult learners, adult learning/teaching styles, overcoming resistance to learning, promoting self-learning in adults, and dealing with diversity in the adult learning environment.

ADE 3320

Assessing Adult Learners (3)


This course is designed to assist participants with the development of knowledge and skills that can be applied to successful student outcomes assessment. Specifically, this course is an introduction to various methods that measure students’ knowledge and skills. Emphasis is placed on constructing and validating various types of measurement instruments and performance assessments including their validity and reliability.

ADE 3346

Educational Psychology in Adult Learning (3)


This course is a study of the distinctive characteristics of adult development and their interaction with the cognitive, social, and psychological characteristics of adult learning. Emphasis will be given to understanding the nature of adult learners and their learning processes, principles of motivation and effective facilitation geared toward adult learners, and social and cultural influences on adult learning.

ADE 4400

Classroom Management in Adult Learning (3)


This course will provide an introduction to managing various instructional environments including how to create a safe learning environment, design classroom and laboratory procedures, and develop an effective classroom management plan. Instruction also includes how to implement organizational systems to manage work-based learning experiences, student records, learning experiences, supplies, equipment, tools, finances, and facilities.

ADE 4410

Professional Education Communication (Student Counseling) (3)


This course is designed to develop communication skills required for effective occupational educators working with adults in a variety of postsecondary, workforce development, and military education settings. The course focuses on information and the communication process. Emphasis will be placed on verbal, non-verbal, interpersonal, and written communication. Special attention will be given to working with diverse populations.

ADE 4420

History and Development of the Workforce (3)


This course is a study of the origins of adult career education and training in the United States. Students will learn about the pioneers in this field who built the theoretical concepts over time. Those concepts are examined through the lenses of

  • Time and changes in the workplace during the agrarian and craftsman period, early industrialization, the post industrialization period, to current service and technology industries;
  • The impact of world events, and the influence of government legislation; and
  • The influence of women, minorities, and special needs employees in the workplace. The course will provide the student a greater appreciation of the breadth and complexity of adult education by focusing on an area often overlooked—Career and Technical Education.