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Finance Courses (FIN)

FIN 2210

Personal Financial Planning (3)


Introduction and comprehensive overview of personal financial planning. Topics include introduction to financial planning, managing assets, credit, insurance, investments, retirement and estate planning.

FIN 3331

Managerial Finance (3)


Analysis, planning and control of key financial decisions of the firm. Prerequisites: Lower-level Core, ACT 2291, MTH 1112, and QM 2241.

FIN 3332

Financial Management II (3)


Second course in a sequence of corporate finance. Continuation of FIN 3331 with focus on topics in financial management not covered in FIN 3331. Prerequisites: FIN 3331.

FIN 3333

Financial Mathematics (3)


Analysis of time value of money as it applies to loans, securities, banks, annuities, and insurance. Prerequisite: MTH 1112.

FIN 3334

Financial Statement Analysis (3)


The process of understanding financial statements by financial analysts and credit analysts, and other uses of financial data. Prerequisite: FIN 3331.

FIN 3336

Real Estate Finance I (3)


Procedures and operations of real estate mortgage markets. Prerequisite: FIN 3331.

FIN 3360

Entrepreneurial Finance (3)


This course covers financial issues related to entrepreneurship. The focus is on how to apply financial tools and skills to entrepreneurial businesses. The topics covered in this course include financial management and planning, financial statement analysis, time value of money, capital budgeting, working capital management and sustainability. Prerequisites: FIN 3331, MGT 4475.

FIN 4419

Derivatives (3)


This course examines theory and usage of forward contracts, future contracts, index futures, Markov and Wiener processes, Black Scholes analysis, options, Indexed options, and hedging using naked and covered positions, and other nonstandard derivative securities. Prerequisite: FIN 3331.

FIN 4431

Intermediate Financial Management (3)


Analysis of financial management of a firm at the intermediate level, with emphasis on the corporation. Includes more advanced analysis of topics covered in FIN 3331 as well as other advanced topics. Prerequisites: FIN 3331.

FIN 4432

Investments (3)


Financial analysis of investments, including markets, institutions, and instruments with emphasis on security analysis, portfolio analysis, and financial planning. Prerequisite: FIN 3331.

FIN 4434

Financial Modeling (3)


This course provides an examination of standard financial models used in corporate finance, financial statement stimulation, portfolio problems, options, portfolio insurance, duration, and immunization. The primary focus of study is on the application of strategic models of decision making and marketplace activity within the stimulated environments which approximate real time. Prerequisite: FIN 4432.

FIN 4435

International Finance (3)


A comprehensive introduction and overview of international finance with emphasis upon multinational corporation management, international trade, foreign exchange, and international financial markets, institutions, and instruments. Prerequisite: FIN 3331.

FIN 4436

Securities Analysis (3)


Introduction and comprehensive overview of securities analysis. Topics include stocks, bonds. Mutual funds, taxes, annuities, new issues, IPOs, OTC, exchanges, options, margin trading, short selling, laws and regulations, and fundamental technical, and modern security and portfolio analysis techniques. Prerequisite: FIN 4432

FIN 4437

Financial Institutions (3)


A comprehensive study of financial markets, institutions, instruments, etc. Prerequisite: FIN 3331.

FIN 4438

Bank Management (Capstone) (3)


Introduction and comprehensive overview of bank management. Topics include: organization, regulation, performance, asset management, liabilities management, credit policy, loan evaluation, global banking, bank mergers and acquisitions, etc. Prerequisites: FIN 4431, and FIN 4437.

FIN 4440

Real Estate Finance II (3)


Second course in a sequence on real estate finance. Continuation of FIN 3336. Prerequisite: FIN 3336

FIN 4454

Public Finance (3)


This course examines and analyses public finance from the perspective of the financial management of governmental enterprises. It examines revenues and expenditures at all levels of government, the financial management of government enterprises, and effects of public finance on business and finance and personal finance. Prerequisite: FIN 3331.

FIN 4491-92

Guided Independent Research (1 to 3 credit hours per course per semester)


Additional information is indexed under Independent Study and Research. Note: This course may not be substituted for any required course.

FIN 4493-94

Guided Independent Study (1 to 3 credit hours per course per semester)


Additional information is indexed under Independent Study and Research. Note: This course may not be substituted for any required course.

FIN 4499

Internship (3)


The Finance Internship provides is a supervised work experience that provides students with the opportunity to gain applied work experience their field of study. Students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience in their field of study. Students are interviewed and selected by the individual companies offering the internship. This course may be repeatable and must comply with the SCOB internship policy. See the Economics/ Finance division chair for details.