Law Courses (LAW)

LAW 2221
Legal Environment of Business (3)

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts, principles, and rules of law and equity that apply to business activities. This course provides an overview of law in general, the American legal system, federal and state court procedures, effects on law-making by legislative, judicial, and administrative procedures. The course may also include constitutional law, business ethics, contracts, products liability, sales and commercial paper. All business majors must complete this course with a grade of C or better.

LAW 3323
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Competition For Entrepreneurs (3)

This course is designed to go beyond LAW 2221 (Legal Environment of Business) and to provide an opportunity to explore in-depth the types of legal and ethical issues that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and family business owners encounter in the worlds of domestic and international aspects of competition. Prerequisite: Lower-level Core, MGT 4475.

LAW 4420
Administrative Law (3)

Administrative law is the law relating to administrative agencies. An overview of the legal environment of public administration. The focus is on the powers and procedures of administrative agencies including administrative discretion, rulemaking, investigations, prosecuting, negotiating and settlement based on Constitutional law, statutory law, common law, and agency-made law and the liability of governments and their officers. Prerequisite: LAW 2221.

LAW 4425
Investigation and Evidence (3)

An examination of theories and practices of the investigation process in the criminal justice system. An analysis of information and application of operational techniques relating to crime scenes, forensic sciences, interviews, and interrogations. A study of issues concerning rules of evidence, trial testimony, and other constitutional processes. Prerequisites: LAW 2221.