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Troy University Courses (TROY)

TROY 1101

University Orientation (1)


The primary purpose of this course is to assist entering students in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to manage effectively the Troy University campus environment in order to maximize their potential for success at the University, in their careers, and throughout their lives.

TROY 1102

Major Exploration and Planning (1)


The primary purpose of this course is to assist students who are exploring their educational and career plans to identify interests, skills and values, and to develop goals. It also serves to assist nontraditional students considering a career change.

TROY 1103

The Learning Mindset (1 or 3)


The purpose of this course is to educate and equip Troy University students with information, skills and experiences necessary for current and long-term success, both in college and in life. Students will be presented with practical application techniques for inclusion in other courses offered at Troy University, specifically within English and Mathematics courses. Growth Mindset Theory and metacognitive learning strategies will be introduced to students. Selfawareness, self-management, time management, goal setting, and other topics will be discussed. Note: TROY 1103 is 3 credit hours for Troy Campus students and 1 credit hour for Dothan Campus students. This course is for institutional credit only and will not be used in meeting degree requirements. This course will not substitute for any general studies requirement.

TROY 1104

Informed Citizenship (1)


This course is designed to examine the role of academic scholarship and the intellectual, civic and interpersonal outcomes of higher education. Through the course, students will engage in a service learning project while studying and reflecting on readings and activities to promote critical thinking skills, civic engagement and student success. Prerequisite and/or co-requisite: TROY 1101, Membership in First Year Studies Program Learning Community.

TROY 1160

Public Issues First Year Seminar (2)


Students will develop academic skills needed for college success while exploring civic and global issues faced in the 21st century. Students will develop an understanding of Troy University, career and scholastic development while engaging in critical thinking, readings and a service learning project focused on a public issue.

TROY 3300

College to Career (3)


The primary purpose of this course is to aid students in making a successful transition from college to career. It also serves to aid non-traditional students in career transition.