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Geography Courses (GEO)

GEO 5503

Conservation (3)


A study of the conservation of natural and human resources with emphasis on population expansion as the major element in a changing ecology.

GEO 5506

Urbanism (3)


A study of the historical, physical, economic, and social evolutions of urbanized areas. Emphasis on contemporary urban problems with implications for policy and planning.

GEO 5511

Demography (3)


An analysis of past and present population changes, population characteristics and the interrelationship of population and other social, economic, environmental, and political factors.

GEO 5512

Geography of Latin America (3)


This course covers Latin American countries and colonies and their strategic and economic importance to the U. S. NOTE: Not open to education majors.

GEO 5526

Geography of the Russian Realm (3)


An analysis of the physical and cultural elements of Russia and the other former republics of the Soviet Union.

GEO 5535

Historical Geography of North America (3)


An analysis of the physical and cultural factors in the development of North America from early European settlement to the present.

GEO 5550

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3)


This course provides an overview of the theory and general principles of geographic information systems (GIS) and hands-on experience in its use. It introduces various methods of geographic data processing and analysis using computer-based mapping software and data gathering techniques, including global positioning systems.

GEO 5595

Selected Topics in Geography (3)


This course focuses on a topic of a timely nature and/ or special interest. Course may be taken twice for a maximum of six hours toward degree requirements. See semester hour limits listed under Course Restrictions in General Regulations section.

GEO 6625 6627

Specialized Study in Area of Geography (1-6)


A study of a problem or problems using research techniques. Selection of problem must be approved by the professor under whom the study is to be made, and the Dean of Arts and Sciences. The study should contribute to the student’s program. Preparation of a scholarly paper is required and may involve oral defense. Total credit for any combination of enrollments in these courses may not exceed four semester hours. A specialized study may be substituted for a required course only once in a student’s program. See semester hour limits listed under Course Restrictions in General Regulations section.

GEO 6650

Geography of the Global Economy (3)


An examination of the global economy from colonialism to the present. Social, political, and environmental factors associated with the diffusion and intensification of world trade are examined.