Advertising Courses (ADJ)

Advertising Courses (ADJ)

ADJ 2220

Principles of Advertising (3)


An introduction to the principles and background of advertising, advertising campaigns and the different types of advertising. Special emphasis is given to social, legal, planning and creative aspects.

ADJ 3322

Advertising Copywriting (3)


The principles of advertising psychology studied in relation to the techniques for writing effective copy; approximately half of the course is devoted to practice in writing effective advertisements. Prerequisites: ADJ 2220 or PRJ 2230, JRN 1102 or PRJ 3375 or special permission from the director of the School of Journalism.

ADJ 3350

Advertising Sales (3)


Discussion and practical experience in servicing accounts and selling advertisements. Emphasis on building client relationships and delivering effective sales presentations. Prerequisite: ADJ 2220.

ADJ 4451

Advertising Media Planning (3)


This course explores researching media options, developing a media plan, and learning how to implement the plan. It includes identifying target audiences, the media they use, the cost efficiency of the media, and determining the costs of the total plan. Prerequisite: ADJ 2220