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Game Design and Development Courses (GDD)

GDD 2210

History Through Games (3)


This course will utilize a variety of different game formats, including video games, role-playing games, board games, and sports to explore historical concepts and events. Students will be encouraged to think analytically about the ways games interpret historical events versus textbook explanations.

GDD 3310

History of Game Design (3)


A focus on the history and development of different types of games and game mechanics. Emphasis placed on integrating games with their particular cultural and political context. Students will produce a working prototype of a game as a part of the class.

GDD 3320

Game Development (3)


An introduction to the concepts of game development, including theory, playtesting, marketing, crowdfunding, and the publication process. Students will refine and continue development of a game as a part of the class. Prerequisite: Either HIS 2210/GDD 2210 History Through Games

GDD 4425

Special Topics in Game Design and Development (3)


Advanced study of a designed topic of special interest. Prerequisites: Either HIS 2210/GDD 2210 History Through Games OR GDD 3310/HIS 3310 Game Design History AND permission of the instructor.

GDD 4490

Internship in Game Design and Development (3)


Supervised work in an agency that can provide practical experience in the field of study. Prerequisites: Senior standing, at least a 2.5 GPA, at least 12 completed hours towards the Game Design and Development minor, and the permission of the minor advisor, supervising instructor, department chair, and/or dean.

GDD 4499

Game Design Capstone (3)


This course requires the student to synthesize previous coursework in the minor. Students complete design and development of a working game, suitable for crowdsourcing, and public release. Prerequisite: 15 hours of Game Design and Development minor coursework, including GDD 3320 Game Development.