Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

Interdisciplinary Studies Courses (IDS)

IDS 1101

Global Challenges (3)


Students will build knowledge and skills for globally competent citizenship and public service to address global challenges (population, resources, technology, information, economies, governance) faced in the 21st century.

IDS 2200

Crossroads: Sophomore Interdisciplinary Seminar in Creative Thinking (3)


This seminar examines specific academic themes from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives that reach across the human, natural, and social sciences. By capitalizing on the distinctive methodologies offered by faculty members from different academic disciplines, the seminar involves students and faculty in creating original approaches to course.

IDS 2201

Applications in Public Service (3)


An overview of strategies for civic enrichment that engage various forms of community capital (social, religious and governing institutions, citizens, and business/economic interests) to address defined civic issues. Focus is given to diagnosing civic issues, developing and implementing an intervention and evaluating its impact.

IDS 2230

International Engagement


This course is designed to introduce and connect international students to life and culture in the United States at Troy University. The class explores variety of topics central to being a new international student including the history, geography, and culture of the U.S.; navigating various systems at the university and the U.S. (transportation, medical, employment, and campus resources); and interpersonal qualities and skills for success as an international student.

IDS 3305

Study Abroad through Partnerships


This course acts as a placeholder for students studying abroad. Students studying abroad for a semester or longer through a Troy University exchange partner should be registered for this course by the Study Abroad Coordinator in the TroyAbroad Office. Prerequisites: completion of TroyAbroad advising and application process.

IDS 3310

Principled Public Service in a Modern Age (3)


This course concentrates on exploring ethical practices when individuals come together and address social problems in their communities. Emphasis will be on ethical leadership in the context of teamwork, participatory decision-making, and citizen empowerment. Prerequisites: IDS 1101 and IDS 2201.

IDS 3315

Systems and Structures of Public Service (3)


Students will learn basic principles of public management and administration, including history and development, organizational structures, and modern functions of public service organizations and advocacy efforts. Prerequisites: IDS 1101 and IDS 2201.

IDS 4410

Social and Policy Entrepreneurship (3)


This course introduces students to social and policy entrepreneurship through case studies, key readings, and primary information resources. The class will explore the sources of funding for social enterprises, such as philanthropy, governmental funding, grant writing, as well as income generating, self-sustaining arrangements that promote long-term change. Prerequisites: IDS 1101 and IDS 2201.

IDS 4495

Capstone Experience in Public Service and Civic Engagement (3)


300 hour field experience internship based at a community agency, healthcare facility, school or government agency focused on application of student’s personal plan for community engagement and public leadership. Through the course, students will build applied public leadership skills and use various applications and strategies for civic enrichment.