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The Mission of the CIBED

Our mission at CIBED is to provide hands-on, applied economic development assistance through research and specialized technical support to Alabama businesses and public and private economic development entities. The CIBED is using our immediate service area of Southeast Alabama as the economic development laboratory to focus our applied research, outreach and education functions.

The Wealth of Knowledge

We offer formal academic programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels of international economic development. With particular focus on training the next generation of economic developers to have applied professional skills with a global perspective.

Troy University graduates contribute to the world every day, but the financial future begins right here in Alabama. Together, our four campuses in Troy, Dothan, Montgomery and Phenix City have generated a very significant economic development impact in Alabama. This incredible contribution can only intensify as TROY creates new jobs within the University and adds even more highly skilled graduates to the State's workforce.

Educating the Future

In the 21st century, Alabama’s greatest wealth is found in its people. The economy is increasingly knowledge-driven, and TROY alumni have the advanced educational foundation necessary to make a significant impact. Equipped with an international network and a global perspective, our a global perspective, our graduates help ensure TROY’s reach beyond the classroom.

Creating Strong Connections

Our newly established Center for International Business and Economic Development acts as a vital link between education and commerce. TROY’s experienced staff provides key support services and customized training to existing and potential businesses. This important resource creates professional development opportunities, strengthens community relations and enhances economic growth.

It serves as the mechanism to extract economic development benefits throughout the global infrastructure of Troy University and deliver them to businesses and governmental agencies throughout the State of Alabama. The CIBED has formalized this position by establishing offices on all of the campus sites in Alabama.

Building A Global Presence

Troy University, a thriving economic force, reaches beyond traditional educational and geographic boundaries. With more than 28,000 students and over 100,000 alumni from over 60 campuses and sites in 16 states and 11 foreign locales, TROY has true global reach. Attracting the attention of international students and corporations, our global presence helps generate substantial revenue for the State of Alabama.

Though Troy University has locations in Alabama, The United States, and the World—the purpose of the CIBED is to transform global connections into engines of local economic development opportunities for Alabama communities. For many Alabama communities, there is the desire to be engaged in the global economy, but they have difficulty overcoming the barriers to entry. Accordingly, the guiding theme of the CIBED is “Global Reach with a Local Hand.”