Mission and Vision | Troy University

Mission and Vision

The Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University provides a dynamic and rigorous education program focused on the moral imperatives of free markets and individual liberty, as well as relevant policy research on current and local issues.

Comprised of scholars and students who believe that free societies are better societies, the Johnson Center is run according to that belief. Just as we promote the free exchange of ideas in the larger society, so we defend academic freedom and expect scholarly innovation, excellence, and integrity within our own ranks.

To Achieve This Vision, We Engage In The Following Actions:

  • Attracting and nurturing outstanding faculty who are both first-rate scholars and creative educators;
  • Involving students in challenging and transformational learning;
  • Infusing free-market ideas and market-based management (MBM) principles into Troy University’s existing professional programs, such as the MBA;
  • Connecting undergraduate students to other institution’s graduate and professional programs;
  • Cultivating within our students the virtues of entrepreneurship, individual responsibility, free enterprise, leadership, and openness;
  • Fostering a lively and inclusive intellectual and social community through university- and community-wide outreach programs;
  • Using Troy University’s international programs to reach new and diverse audiences abroad;
  • Creating programs tailored to Troy University’s large military and minority student populations;
  • Making contributions on the frontiers of political economy through distinctive research agendas;
  • Transforming state and national policies through Johnson Center-related research and programs; and
  • Emerging as the premier source of free-market education in Alabama and as one of the best economics programs in the Southeast.