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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

With the Johnson Center at Troy University, Troy University is one of the premier institutions to study free market economics at the undergraduate level. Troy University offers majors and minors in Economics and Financial Economics.

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Majoring in Economics

Understanding economics is essential  for conducting business in an increasingly competitive global environment, as well as for crafting informed public policy. Economic training is highly versatile, and thus provides a set of highly durable and transferable tools that can be used in many occupations, from marketing, management, and supply-chain management, all the way to politics, journalism, and economic development. Economics is a social science that helps us understand human action by exploring how incentives and the availability of information influence how individuals make decisions. Not only is economics essential for understanding current economic events, for evaluating public policies, and for conducting business, it also ranks as one of the most highly compensated majors across the nation and is also one of the most common degrees among students that are admitted to law school.

According to the Wall Street Journal, economics is the new "hot" major for undergraduate students. With the increased availability and complexity of data, the number of private-sector economists has grown 57% since 2009, according to the Wall Street Journal. It is also one of the best-paying college majors, according to the Huffington Post.  

What can you do with an economics degree? What are typical salaries?

VEE Course Approval

Our Principles of Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics courses have received VEE Approval by the Society of Actuaries.

Graduate Programs

The M.A. program in economics prepares students for careers in public policy, business or government or to go on to pursue a Ph.D. in economics. The program provides a strong foundation in fundamental topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics while allowing several areas of specialization such as public choice, Austrian economics, institutional economics, and monetary economics. Master’s students will benefit by learning from and working with the experienced scholars from the Johnson Center for Political Economy here at Troy University.

The program began in August 2015 and the first students graduated in May 2017.  Students can begin the program in either August or January. Options to complete the program in two, three, and four semesters are available, as well as conditional admission for students not meeting the coursework prerequisites. Our M.A. program is designed to accommodate students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in economics, regardless of undergraduate major. Thesis and non-thesis versions of the program are available.

Advantages of the Troy M.A. Program in Economics

The Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University is a research and educational center dedicated to understanding the crucial role that economic freedom and personal liberty play in driving economic prosperity and human well-being. Johnson Center faculty contribute to the frontiers of political economy through their distinctive research agendas, with the goal of transforming state and national policies. With eight faculty members who are both first-rate scholars and creative educators, the Johnson Center provides a dynamic and rigorous educational program for our M.A. students. 

A Distinctive Program and Dedicated Faculty

In addition to core theory classes, the Troy M.A. will offer field classes in Austrian economics, public choice, and constitutional economics taught by faculty within the Johnson Center, a free market educational and research center. This opportunity will allow students to work closely with faculty nationally recognized for their contributions in these fields. The Johnson Center’s hands-on approach will actively engage students in both current policy debates and cutting edge academic research. You can find out more about our faculty and their distinctive research programs here.

M.A. as a Gateway to Economics Careers

The Troy M.A. in Economics prepares students for many careers in economics, or to pursue a Ph.D. in economics. Individuals with master’s degrees in economics work in industry, government, and public policy. Private sector employers include banks, stock brokerage firms, economics consulting firms, and large firms with their own in-house economists. Public sector employers include numerous state and federal government agencies and the Federal Reserve.

Johnson Center M.A. in Economics Assistantships

The Johnson Center M.A. Assistantship is a competitive assistantship available to students pursuing a M.A. in economics at Troy University. These assistantships are targeted towards students interested in eventually pursuing a Ph.D. in economics or a career in public policy upon the completion of their M.A. degree. Students receiving assistantships are expected to work closely with Johnson Center scholars. Assistantships are dependent upon acceptance into the Troy University M.A. in economics program. 

Students applying to Troy University's M.A. in economics program are eligible to apply for competitive Manuel H. Johnson Center assistantship and tuition scholarships. Students interested in these opportunities need to submit the standard application for admission to the M.A. program in economics at Troy University. They must also send a personal statement explaining their career goals and their interest in the M.A. program and the Johnson Center assistantship and tuition scholarship program to Dr. Stephen C. Miller (