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Support a M.A. Fellowship

All levels of giving to the Johnson Center’s M.A. in economics program help support graduate students in our program. Basic graduate support provides for one full year of tuition and associated fees. Higher levels of giving support important supplements such as conference attendance and fellowships.  

One of the primary goals of our M.A. in economics program, especially for students intending to apply for Ph.D. programs, is to develop student scholars. An important part of this development is mentoring our students to conduct original research for submission to academic conferences with the eventual goal of publication. At a conference, students get the opportunity to present their research to an academic audience and receive valuable feedback to assist them in preparing their research for publication. A research or graduate assistant fellowship provides the support necessary for a graduate student to work closely under the mentorship of a Johnson Center faculty member to develop their research for academic publication. 

Named Research Fellowship

Includes full tuition, research stipend, and conference attendance

Graduate Assistantship Fellowship

Includes full tuition plus research stipend

Graduate Assistantship 

Includes full tuition plus conference attendance

Graduate Support 

Includes full tuition