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Support the Johnson Center

The Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy welcomes gifts from private donors and will consider working with nonprofit and governmental organizations on grants.

Individual Giving

The Johnson Center Giving Society

The Johnson Center Giving Society recognizes the highest level of leadership in annual giving to the Johnson Center Gift Fund in support of our mission of becoming an educational and research center dedicated to understanding the crucial role that economic freedom and personal liberty play in driving economic prosperity and human well-being. By giving the Johnson Center the flexibility to continue to meet emerging opportunities, gifts through the club provide significant resources that can impact current students and transform public policy with timely scholarship. 


Johnson Center M.A. In Economics Program Student Support

One of the primary goals of our M.A. in economics program, especially for students intending to apply for Ph.D. programs, is to develop student scholars. A research or graduate assistant fellowship provides the support necessary for a graduate student to work closely under the mentorship of a Johnson Center faculty member to develop their research for academic publication.  


Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships help top economics and finance majors cover their tuition costs, supporting students as they learn about the moral imperatives of free markets and individual liberty. Annual scholarships may be designated with the name of the donor or of individuals the donor wishes to honor.

Annual Awards

Annual student awards can recognize students for demonstrating outstanding academic achievement and for exhibiting the virtues of entrepreneurship, individual responsibility, and free enterprise. Annual awards can also recognize faculty for outstanding achievement in advancing free societies through creative scholarship or teaching. Annual awards may carry the name of the donor or persons the donor wishes to honor. 


Endowed giving provides a substantial, long-term base of support for advancing economic freedom and personal liberty through the Johnson Center’s educational and research programs.  

Endowments for scholarships, professorships, fellowships, and endowed chairs have a lasting impact on students and faculty. Endowment gifts are invested and a portion of the earnings is used for the endowment’s purposes each year. 

Special Opportunities For Support

These special opportunities include internships, scholar support, and support of the Johnson Center speaker series. The Johnson Center would also be happy to consider donations earmarked for a specific program or project.

Foundation Giving

To uphold the integrity of our center, the following conditions of any gift or grant must be satisfied:

  1. The subject matter of any research or teaching project must be within the scope of the Johnson Center's mission and core initiatives;
  2. The scholars performing the research or teaching project must be given complete academic freedom;
  3. The proposed time frame for completion of a projects must not threaten the quality of the analysis; and
  4. There must be scholars affiliated with the Johnson Center willing to undertake the particular project being proposed.