Madeline Taylor | Troy University

Madeline Taylor

Madeline Taylor

B.S.B.A. Financial Economics
Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Graduation Date: December 2016

Why did you choose to major in Financial Economics?
I fell in love with the Banking Industry after beginning my internship at TB&T. Finance was a great avenue to learn the basics about what banking deals with on a day to day basis.

What will you take away from your coursework?
Several classes such as Money and Banking and Financial Management taught me about Time Value of Money as well as how to calculate interest rates. This will come in handy when buying a car or a home in the future.

What are some lessons you learned from professors or mentors in the Sorrell College?
I learned how important Networking is when searching for jobs. I also learned that when one plan doesn't work, have backup plans. Changing your major does not mean you're a failure. Switching from Accounting to Finance was the best decision I made.

How should business students build their networks?
Attend Career Fairs!!! Also, become friends with professors and get involved with interships or other on campus activities!

Have you participated in any extracurricular activities (internships, etc.) during your time at TROY?
I was president of Delta Sigma Pi, a member of Delta Mu Delta, and an active member of Chi Omega. I also participated in Home Coming and Greek Week as committee chairs. Outside of Troy I had internships with TB&T and Edward Jones.

Have these experiences helped you clarify what you want to do after graduation?
Absolutely. If I hadn't had the opportunity of interships with TB&T as well as Edward Jones to show me what I liked and did not like, I wouldn't have the job I have today.

What advice do you have for current or future TROY business students?
Keep an open mind. You'll never know where opportunities will lead until you try them.