Meredith Durden | Troy University

Meredith Durden

Meredith Durden

B.S.B.A. Global Business - Risk Management and Insurance
Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Graduation Date: May 2018

Why did you choose to major in RMI?
Previous RMI students continued to speak about the endless opportunities and great memories the program provided them. I knew I wanted to do business, but was not sure which concentration to pursue. I decided to attend a few of the events hosted by the program and immediately decided to join. RMI is an incredible way to help others, while succeeding within your career.

What will you take away from your coursework?
I will take away a vast amount of insurance knowledge, a better understanding of my industry, strong presentation skills, and the ability to comfortably speak to others.

What are some lessons you learned from professors or mentors in the Sorrell College?
I have learned that it is imperative to network with others and make the most of every opportunity. My advisor, Dr. Duett, has provided me with the opportunity to attend several trips and discuss insurance topics with professionals. I will always value the networking skills the RMI program has instilled in me.

How should business students build their networks?
Take advantage of every opportunity the Sorrell College of Business provides and do not be afraid to get out of your shell. Follow up with professionals and thank them for their time. Always be intentional about meeting and learning from the people around you.

Have these experiences helped you clarify what you want to do after graduation?
Yes, I have learned my strengths and weaknesses. Through various opportunities, I have learned what I would enjoy doing following graduation and which niche of the market I feel that I could be most successful in.

What advice do you have for current or future TROY business students, particularly those about to start in internship?
Be self-motivated, learn from your mistakes, take advantage of any experience you are presented in the business community, and always show gratitude when others are willing to share their time.