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Political Science Major


What We Do

The Political Science Major is aimed at providing students an indepth knowledge of evolving political climates along with current and past events. Regardless of the students' partisanship, the focus of these courses is teach students the methods to study current and past trends in politics while encouraging them to exercise their right to participate in the American democracy, like voting, and other aspects of state, local, federal, and even international governments.
Department Events

Department Events

The department offers a plethora of events for students to attend. We have an Ambassador in Residence program that brings influential political figures to campus yearly. Other events, such as the Alabama World Affairs Council and University events are often advertised and participated in by the department. Mock class elections, debates, and other departmental events are often open to all students.
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Student Involvement


The department has several opportunities to get involved. We have the Political Science Club, Pi Sigma Alpha honors society, and even a Model United Nations that participates with local area schools. Our courses even allow students to get involved by giving the the option to participate in mock elections and political debates.
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Join Now

If you would like to join, feel free to contact our admissions department. There is also a link to file an application with the university.If you would like further assistance with your decision making, contact the department using the contact us link under the About the Political Science Department menu on the left. We will be happy to have you!

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 Political Science Requirements

Area V Requirements

  • IS 2241 Computer Concepts and Applications (3)
  • TROY 1101 University Orientation (3)
  • POL 2241 American National Government (3)
  • POL 2260 World Politics (3)

Major Requirements

  • POL 3300 Foundations of Political Science (3)
  • POL 3330 Political Theory (3)
  • POL 3390 The Art of Political Science Research (3)

Pick a Concentration!

American Politics

American Politics

  • POL 3340 U.S. Government- Executive Branch (3)
  • POL 3341 U.S. Government- Legislative Branch (3)
  • POL 3342 U.S. Government- Judicial Branch (3)

Plus an additional 18 hours specified in the undergraduate catalog.

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International Politics

  • POL 3351 International Relations (3)
  • POL 4410 Internationa Political Economy (3)

  • POL 4433 Comparative Government (3)

 Plus an additional 18 hours specified in the undergraduate catalog.

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