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Current Students


  • Students must have 3.0 GPA after the first three classes to continue in the program.
  • You must have a 3.0 GPA to graduate
  • Make sure to file Intent to Graduate a full term before you finish
    (see advisor for deadlines)
  • If you receive a grade of "D" or "F" in a core course, you must retake the course.
  • "D" of "F" in an elective course, the course may be retaken or another elective taken in its place.
  • If a class is retaken, all grades received count toward your GPA.
  • If you have three grades below a "B" you will be academically dropped from the program for one year.

What you cannot appeal:

  • Grades based on allegations concerning the competence of a faculty member
  • Fairness of an examination
  • Difficulty of the course
  • Grades for individual assignments or exams
  • Any other matter of a purely academic nature

Please see the Graduate Catalog for procedures to file an appeal

  • 8 year rule – all credits used to satisfy your degree requirements must be completed within 8 years This includes transfer credits
  • According to the Student Handbook, a student is subject to disciplinary action "Where the work affects or might affect a student's grade, credit, or status in the university, a student represents to be his or her own any work that is not the product of his or her own study and efforts (known as plagiarism)." This includes using work completed for one class for another without the express permission of the instructor