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New Students

Registering for Courses:

Check the academic calendar for registration and term datesTroy Online Academic Calendar (Dates apply to all Global Campus sites as well)
Troy Campus Academic Calendar
Select desired course from the Schedule of Classes
(International Relations Course Descriptions)
Register for Classes using Trojan Web Express
If you have problems registering contact Student Services for help.

Recommended Sequence of Courses:

There are no required prerequisites for any courses in the MSIR curriculum, so students have great flexibility in planning out their course of study. If you are taking in-class courses at a campus or teaching site, the sequence of courses will be heavily influenced by the schedule of local course offerings. Check the campus' or site's long term schedule and consult with local faculty and staff.  
TROY Online students have considerable flexibility in scheduling their courses. However, we advise students to consider the following guidelines:

Take IR5551: Survey of International Relations in your first term and before taking other core courses

Take IR6652:  Theory and Ideology in International Relations

Take IR6601:  Methods in International Relations

Complete the other core courses in roughly the first half of your time at Troy (i.e., don't leave any until the end of your course of study).
Regional Affairs students should take region specific electives as they become available since they are offered less frequently than other courses (for instance, every core course is offered every term on TROY Online).
Feel free to work electives that are particularly interesting to you in your first few terms. Taking interesting courses will help to motivate you and make the work more worthwhile.

Ordering Textbooks:

Unless you are at a campus with an on-site bookstore, textbooks are available through the Troy University Virtual Bookstore which is run by Barnes and Noble. The virtual bookstore has a listing of courses organized by location and term. You select the course for which you are enrolled and the site lists the books required for the courses. Go to the TROY Online How to Order Textbooks page to begin the ordering process

Log In to Canvas at the Beginning of the Term:

All Troy courses use the Canvas learning management system to some extent. In class instructors use Canvasas a means of communicating and making resources available to students outside of class. TROY Online instructors use Canvas  as the primary means of instruction.  Therefore, it is important that all students login to Canvas at the beginning of the term to familiarize themselves with what the instructor has made available.

Log in to Canvas at

For more information about using Canvas, go to TROY Online's Canvas info page. Instructions for logging in to Canvas are also included in the First Time Student Video that can be accessed from the Canvas login page.

Note: Canvas courses are made available to students at the beginning of the term and will not show up in your Canvas account until then even if you are registered for the course. All TROY Online courses are made available the Friday before the term begins.