Why an MPA Degree? | Troy University

Why an MPA Degree?

An MPA degree:

  • Is a versatile degree for different career options
  • Gives you real world applications in order to solve challenging applications
  • Lets students develop cross-cutting and transferable skill sets
  • Is a pragmatic degree that helps you advance the public good

MPA graduates:

  • Understand context and possess judgment
  • Are dedicated to mission and have a sense of ethics
  • Act as problem solvers
  • Remain flexible so as to take on different problems, issues, and challenges
  • Come prepared with a full set of management skills
  • Take initiative to proactively move things forward
  • Understand politics and government
  • Have specialized knowledge and unique competencies
  • Are motivated to serve
  • Possess an awareness of situational terrains and an ability to adapt