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The Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM) Program is a visionary educational program established in 1994 by the Alabama Legislature. Learning science requires an understanding of the scientific method which is acquired through "hands-on," "minds-on," laboratory activity. Equipment, knowledge of the discipline, preparation time, and motivation are essential elements of an effective laboratory program. ASIM is a network of resources designed to provide the equipment, discipline training, and preparation support needed to run an effective secondary science laboratory program.

State of Alabama County Map

Alabama is divided geographically into 11 inservice areas. The areas are served by the Regional Inservice Centers housed at universities. These universities also house an ASIM site which disseminates equipment and support in two of the three major high school science disciplines: biology, chemistry, and physics. Certified secondary science instructors are ready to bring $100,000 worth of equipment into your classrooms for science laboratory activities. TSU is the largest of all the Inservice districts covering approximately 7,700 square miles.


Teacher Training


ASIM also incorporates a strong teacher-training component. Each site provides 10 days of teacher training. Summer training is designed to update and strengthen content, knowledge, to familiarize teachers with the use and operation of ASIM equipment, and to model teaching strategies that are successful with a broad range of students. Follow-up workshops during the school year allow teachers to "fine tune" their knowledge and to share suggestions and experiences from the classroom. Initially, the van operator might lead the laboratory activity. The ultimate objective is for the teacher to lead the lab, or for the van operator and teacher to team-teach the lab.

Science in Motion Van

The Alabama Science in Motion van is equipped to bring the science laboratory to the student.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can utilize ASIM?

ASIM serves public high schools within the Regional Inservice Center areas. The equipment and laboratory activities are designed for students taking biology, chemistry, or physics. Troy University is the university hosting ASIM in the Southeast Alabama Inservice Region (Region 11 on the map).

How can I get involved?

Contact Max Miller, the Biology ASIM Project Director at TROY, at (334) 670-3798.

How much does it cost?

ASIM services cost the local school nothing. The State Department of Education and the host ASIM university fund ASIM. Teachers are expected to attend training workshops which provide valuable information and networking. This program provides the opportunity for instruction and laboratory activities that many students would never experience without ASIM. As a result of these ASIM opportunities, Alabama students should be better prepared for postsecondary education or entry into the work force.

How do I apply?

To apply, e-mail Max Miller at