Study Abroad - People's Republic of China

TROY has a global reputation pioneers for building educational partnerships with the People's Republic of China. With a multitude of institutional partnerships, there exists innumerable opportunities for exchange, travel and study. Additionally, in 2008 the PRC agreed to sponsor a Confucius Institute directly on the campus of Troy University in Troy. This Institute is partically funded by the Chinese government and is a terrific window to vast world of Chinese culture and history.

TROY has enjoyed having Chinese guests work with the Department of Art and Design as well as other disciplines as students and as visiting scholars. Conversely, TROY has had multiple opportunities to send students and faculty to many of China's great universities to lecture and to study. The relationship between TROY and its Chinese partners is a strong and growing one.

For more information about study opportunities in the People's Republic of China, please contact the Office of the Department of Art and Design or make contact with the Confucius Institute right on the TROY campus.


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