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Admissions Requirements

Graduate Admissions

  • slide slide Doctorate
    in Nursing
    U.S. News & World Reports listed
    TROY among the best for
    online graduate nursing.
  • slide slide WARRIORS KNOW THEIR BUSINESS TROY’s curriculum and highly qualified
    faculty provide students with the foundation
    to become successful leaders in business,
    industry and government.
  • slide slide WARRIORS ARE MASTERS OF THE ECONOMY TROY can help you thrive in economics.
    Our Master of Economics program opens doors to opportunities ranging from
    careers at government agencies and tax commissions to public policy
    institutes and think tanks.
  • slide slide THIS WARRIOR IS A PEOPLE PERSON TROY can help you succeed in human resource management.
    Get the personal attention and education you need to
    effectively manage a company’s most valuable asset - people.
  • slide slide WARRIORS THRIVE IN SOCIAL WORK TROY can help you succeed, even while balancing
    the responsiblities of family, work and education.

Redefine Your World

In our daily lives, we all face questions about where we’re going and how we can get there. These questions drive us to constantly redefine our worlds. Troy University has continued to meet the needs of its graduate students by offering advanced degrees in the colleges of education, business, the arts and sciences and health and human services.

If you are interested in advancing your education and career opportunities, Troy University’s Graduate School is the place for you! TROY provides an interactive academic environment which encourages the highest academic development of students by providing quality programs, challenging research opportunities, superior teaching, scholarship and public service.

If you are ready to take the challenge, TROY’s Graduate School is ready to help you develop the professional skills and academic competencies needed to achieve your goals.