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ACCESS Accolades


  • All ACCESS courses are aligned to the state course of study and taught by Alabama certified and highly qualified teachers.
  • In the 2013-2014 school year, Alabama’s high school graduation rate rose to 86 percent. ACCESS Distance Learning is playing a crucial role in achieving this high number – and will play a crucial role in helping the state reach its goal of a 90 percent graduation rate.

Course Offerings

  • Many rural and/or low income schools have limited course offerings for students. In the past, specialty courses such as Physics, Calculus, German, or Latin were merely a dream for students in rural schools. Not anymore! ACCESS helps to solve this dilemma by unlocking courses which otherwise would have been unavailable for these schools.
  • Some schools are unable to offer all courses needed for the Alabama High School Diploma. ACCESS offers 92 courses that counselors may select to ensure that their students have the required credits to graduate.

Credit Recovery Courses

  • For students who may fall behind, ACCESS offers approximately twenty Credit Recovery courses that will allow them to remain on track and graduate on time with their cohort.

Advanced Placement Courses

  • ACCESS offers 11 Advanced Placement courses. The availability of these courses play a role in Alabama being ranked #1 for Advanced Placement Progress and increased AP test scores.

Military Families

  • With military installations scattered across Alabama, the state is home to many students who have parents in the armed forces. The life of a military family can be hectic, with frequent moves between assigned posts. ACCESS allows military students to earn or transfer credits with minimal interruption.

NCAA Eligibility

  • The NCAA has approved 50 different ACCESS courses for student-athlete eligibility purposes.

Media Coverage

  • ACCESS has been spotlighted by various new sources nationally and internationally. FOX News called Alabama a “trailblazer in distance learning.”
  • Trade Arabia reported that ACCESS was highlighted at the United Arab Emirates Government Summit on February 8, 2015.


  • ACCESS partners with locally administered virtual schools around the state.
  • ACCESS offers courses to private schools and homeschool organizations.
  • ACCESS provides free training to schools and teachers on implementing distance-learning courses.