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Troy University ACCESS Counselor Training Information Live Web Address:

Username: firstname.lastname Password: sti12345

Your password must be 8 characters long and must have letter and number combinations. Once changed please click the save key. Next, Click on the Students Tab. You will see Search and Search State. If the student has never taken an ACCESS course, you will need to SEARCH STATE. Your school name will automatically appear and you will be able to search for the student or students that you are trying to enroll. You can find the student by typing in his or her name, or simply by clicking search at the bottom. If you are pulling in multiple students, I recommend simply clicking SEARCH. Once you have found your student, you will click in the box next to his or her name and click on the blue add button. Now you are ready to add your requests. Click on the scheduling tab, then the request tab. Now you will click the status “request”, find the term that you would like, then go down and click on the search button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Now you are ready to enter your request. Click on the blue add button. You will have a screen pop up next. Click on the find button next to student and search for the student. Next Click on the find button and search for the course. A new page will pop up. Click on search in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Your students names will appear. Check mark next to the students names that you would like to take a particular course, lets say 10 want to take BTA, then click select student. Now you are ready to select the course. Click on the search button at the very bottom, right hand side. Click in the circle next to the course title and then click select course. Select the Instructional Method, the course portion and the term. Last, click save. You have now successfully created a request! Once your requests have been offered, you will need to go back in and ACCEPT your offers. Check mark next to the student name. Your Status in the pull down menu should read ACCEPT and your Reason in the pull down menu should read ACCEPT. Now your student will be ready to begin their ACCESS class with in 24 hours of ACCEPTING the class. How to check grades. Click on the sections tab. Type in the last name of your facilitator. Click on Search at the bottom right had corner. Click on the section number. Click on the Grades Tab. Your grades will be listed as TIA (Term I average), T1E (Term 1 exam), T2A (Term 2 average), and T2E (Term 2 exam). What’s new with ACCESS?


Credit Recovery Courses Remember that ACCESS CR classes are FREE! We do abide by the ALSDE mandate that the students must have failed the course with no less that a 40% and can earn a grade of no more than 70%. WIP’s You as a counselor can request a WORK IN PROGRESS for your students who may be struggling to finish a class due to illness, a death, pregnancy, or just a student who needs a little extra time and attention. You simply need to email me with the students name and the date in which you would like for the class to be extended and we will get that done for you.