Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Andrew Dickinson

Troy University 
Bachelor of Science-Sport and Fitness Management (SFM)-2009
Masters-Sport and Fitness Management (SFM)-2011

  1. When did you get hired as the Associate Director of Development?

    I graduated from the graduate program in December 2011, and I was hired by the Troy University Alumni Association in May 2012. It wasn’t until this September that I was hired as the Associate Director of Development. While working on my Masters, I actually worked as the graduate assistant for the position I have now.

  2. What are some of your duties and responsibilities?

    I help manage annual funds, the Trojan Warrior Fund, which helps to fundraise and supports student-athletes. I also work with Development. 

  3. How did the Troy University Sport & Fitness Management (SFM) curriculum/program help prepare you for your job? 

    Being a part of the program allowed me to become accustomed to the work atmosphere and the career. The Southern Sport Management Conference(s) (hosted by Troy University and the Sport & Fitness Management program) was an amazing experience where I was able to get insight on many different areas of sport management and gave many opportunities to network and get my name out there. All the networking opportunities, personal experiences in the field, and the many hands on opportunities that I was able to take advantage of really was beneficial to preparing me for my job now. 

  4. How did the skills and information you learned through our SFM program help to set you apart from other applicants? 

    Being able to work as a graduate assistant (GA) while in graduate school, and also volunteering whenever I could, helped me to gain experience that really set me apart. I actually worked an unpaid internship at the athletics department here at Troy. During the internship I was able to show that I was a hard worker and could do my job well, which in turn led to me earning a GA position. 

  5. What was most helpful about our SFM program?

    Here at Troy University, there are smaller classes, which in my opinion was more beneficial than being in large classes. I was able to ask more questions and the professors here are extremely helpful. They are here for you with any issues you may have and are always willing to help you if you come by to see them. Even after I graduated I was able to contact one of my professors when I was trying to find a job and he was very supporting and helpful. 

  6. What word of advice would you have for future students? 

    For future students, the realization that you have to start at the bottom and work your way up, listen to your professors, volunteer any chance you get, take advantage of the opportunities, and remember that networking is important! Work hard with your internships as they can lead to GA positions and jobs. Take all experiences seriously and work hard at all times.