Empowered Dividend Investing for Life after Work

This 3-session seminar will reveal powerful insights and tools to help you make informed decisions about dividend stock selection for additional income or reinvestment. Led by Matt Elbeck, a TROY award-winning professor of marketing with corporate, consulting and academic experience. This is not a sales seminar.       


Fridays, April 12, 19 & 26
10:00 am – 11:00 am
Dothan Campus
$59 per person
(includes materials)


First session – We consider some investment methods to highlight investment risk and liquidity, followed with the pros and cons of dividend investing, the advantage of empowered investing and the dividend investor mindset. We conclude with the calculation of your annual dividend goal adjusted for inflation and taxes. A handout and worksheet will help calculate your personal annual dividend goals.

Second session – We relate target dividend income with investment capital. To select suitable dividend stocks, we will apply a dividend stock selection model (Part A) to evaluate a ‘dividend aristocrat’ AT&T. Topics covered are stock vitals and essentials screens, news, and peer performance trends. A handout and worksheet covers these topics.

Third session – Dividend stock selection model (Part B) addresses competitors and benchmarks, simple moving averages, company confidence, market perceptions and C-suite quality. We review dividend stock investing strategy, tactics (expectations, purchase timing, tax, and spread). A handout and worksheet covers these topics. 

Registration details

To register online, click here.  On this page, click on Select Classes. Scroll down to FIN019 to choose the seminar, then complete the registration process.  Have credit card ready.

To register by phone, call the Continuing Education office at 334-983-0005.