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Below is a listing of grades that may be issued by faculty when posting final grades in Faculty Self-Service. If you have any additional questions please contact your local Registrar’s office.

Instructor Issued Grades

Above Average
Below Average
Failure to Attend - An FA is issued for students who have not attended a class. A student who attends even a single class should not be issued an FA.
Incomplete - Issued per the instructor to allow a student additional time to complete course work on the Grades page.
Pass - Issued for classes on a Pass/Fail Grading scale. Please see your course description in the College Catalog for more information.
In Progress - Issued only for Thesis or Clinical Research courses that are still in progress at the end of the semester/term.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if a student’s grade needs to be changed?

- In order to change a grade on a student’s record you will need to complete a Change of Grade Form. This form can be accessed through EchoSign via the "Faculty Forms" link above. All Change of Grade Forms will need to be signed by your Department Chair before they are forwarded to the Records Office for processing. Students should never be allowed to access to blank or completed Change of Grade Forms.

Change of Grade Form

What are attendance grades and when are they due?

- Every semester attendance grades must be provided by each faculty member. These grades are collected for federal reporting and financial aid purposes and can be found on the Faculty and Staff Calendar.

What grade can be given to a student who attends just a few classes?

The grade of FA is issued only to those students who do not attend any class meetings. If a student attends even a single session of class and is on your roster at the end of the term or semester, then a grade must be issued.