We appreciate your interest in Troy University.


Troy University is dedicated to making the transfer transition as easy as possible.  As required by
Alabama State Law, Troy University will take your course work as outlined on the STARS Transfer Guide and graduate you with the same number of hours as our native students in the same major (assuming you do not change majors).  The STARS Transfer Guide and the Troy University Area V page, if used correctly, guides the student through their first two years of course work and prevents loss of credit hours upon transfer to Troy University.  If you have obtained a STARS Transfer Guide for Theatre, we would strongly recommend that you print this page and use it along with your official STARS guide.  Upon transfer, please bring these documents so that we can insure a smooth academic transition from the community college to one of our Troy University Campuses. 


This is for use Alabama Community College students only.  If you are transferring to Troy University from another institution outside of the Alabama Community College System, please contact our
admissions office for up-to-date transfer information.

INSTRUCTIONS:  You are to follow the appropriate STARS transfer guide as directed in each AREA of your major specific guide, unless exceptions and/or recommendations are noted in the corresponding AREA(S) I-V on this TROY-AREA V document.  For any recommendations made below, please follow them within each AREA for a more seamless transfer experience to TROY.

MAJOR:  Communication Arts (Theatre Track)
                 (This major is available through the Troy Campus only)
              (Students should use the Theatre Transfer Guide)


AREA I-V Recommendations:


A grade of "C" or higher is required in Composition I and II at Troy University.  "D" grades will not transfer.


Students attending Troy University are required to take a world literature sequence of 6 SH for this major.  Students attending a community college are strongly encouraged to take ENG 271 and ENG 272(World Lit I/II) to meet this requirement.

Students attending Troy University are required to take an Introduction to Drama course.  Students attending a community college are strongly encouraged to take THR 120(Theater Appreciation) to meet this requirement.


A grade of "C" or higher is required in the Math course chosen.  "D" grades will not transfer.


No additional hours in Area IV are needed once 12sh of Area IV courses are completed from the Transfer Guide.


The remaining 19 SH in Area V can be obtained at the community college by taking 19 SH from the following:

  • ORI 101 (Orientation to College)(1 SH)

  • THR 120 (Theatre Appreciation)(3 SH) – if not taken in Area II

  • THR 131 (Acting Techniques I) (3 SH)

  • THR 241 (Voice & Speech for the Performer) (3 SH)

  • THR 113 or 114 (Theatre Workshop I or II) (2 SH)

  • ENG 271 (World Literature I) (3 SH) – if not taken in Area II

  • ENG 272 (World Literature II) (3 SH) – if not taken in Area II

  • Free Electives (1-6 SH)


Troy University Baccalaureate Degrees
The student seeking a baccalaureate degree must meet the following credit hour requirements:
1.  A minimum of 120 SH
2.  At least 50 percent of the degree program must be traditional academic credit
3.  No more than 25 percent of the degree program may be earned using portfolio based credit.
4.  At least 25 percent of the degree program must be completed with Troy University.
5.  Twelve (12) semester hours of work in each major field must be completed in residence at Troy University.
6.  Students must earn a minimum of 50 percent of all degree program hours on a senior college level in order to graduate from Troy University with a bachelor's degree

Please print this page, fill in your name and today's date, and attach it to your STARS Transfer Guide.  Together this page and the transfer guide comprise the articulation agreement for students in your major who plan to transfer to Troy University.

Your Name: __________________________________ Date: ___________________

Communication Arts (Theatre Track)  Contact Person

(If you have questions please contact the following person)

Name:  Mrs. Tori Lee Averett
Office:  131 Malone Hall, Troy University, University Avenue, Troy, AL 36082
Phone:  334-670-3979

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