Award Rules

Rules and Procedures for Individual Awards for Honors Convocation


  1. Awards are given for scholarship and leadership only.
  2. The minimum GPA for any individual student award (based on either scholarship or leadership or both) shall be 3.25 (on the 4.0 system). GPA shall be calculated on all course work, not just Troy work.
  3. No award shall be approved in which any person or institution other than students, faculty and staff of Troy University controlled the selection process.
  4. No person who is not a student in good standing at Troy University or has not graduated from Troy University during a period of ten months prior to the Honors Convocation may be nominated for an award.
  5. No person may be nominated who has not completed at least 20 semester hours of graded work at the main campus at Troy University.
  6. No award shall be presented at the Honors Convocation if it has been previously presented.
  7. There will not be any co-winners of an award without prior approval of the committee.
  8. No awards shall be announced or publicized prior to Honors Convocation.
  9. If a new award is proposed, a formal statement in writing with justification and explanation of criteria shall be sent to the Honors Convocation committee. Note the deadline in the Convocation website.
  10. When awards are presented at Honors Convocation, the presenters should limit themselves to a description of the award and not make either personal references to the recipient or to the recipient’s other accomplishments, including his or her GPA. It is important not to repeat the description that is written in the program.
  11. No stand-ins will be permitted for award recipients who cannot attend.